Friday, July 13, 2012

FRIDAY July 13th

Good Morning~ Waking up to the cooler breeze coming in the window... I listen and hear there are little rain drops coming down outside! Hum, I hope that it gets all done sprinkling before this afternoon, I know we need the rain, but on the other hand, tonight is our Angel Ride pre-registration party at Sneakers! We have worked so hard in getting donations, putting together baskets, arranging things to be done & the Dueling Pianos will be playing tonight, so hope the rain gets it over with by lets say 12-1pm! We got the trailer pretty much loaded up with everything but the chairs for Saturday. Tonight things will be loaded in trucks! I hope we don't forget anything... Yes I am nervous! I want this to be a good event! Remember Friday the 13th most people think its unlucky, for us working for people with breast cancer, we are hoping its luckier than any other Friday the 13th, as breast cancer doesn't skip Friday the 13th because its worried about it... ~~Angel Ride Girl

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