Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey~ Can you imagine going to a cake auction and finding a big bright pink bra cake? Oh that is what we had donated to the cake auction last weekend April 10th! We also made a Harley Bra and had it in a basket of goodies to help raise money for the Domestic Abuse Center here in town & to promote our up coming Angel Ride to Save the TaTas Breast Cancer Ride!
We are making Bras for the Cause as an awareness of Breast Cancer... There will be a May Day Tea at the Country Club on April 30th here in Ft Dodge! We have made some awesome bras!! When I posted a couple of them on facebook, I had a good friend from school get a hold of me about making some from their groups! Well we got 9 from Robin~ The Queen of Hope & her girls! She contacted some more fellow Girls & I received a box of 11 from WIS!
All I can say is WOW! The neat designs on these bra are truly amazing! Not a two are alike! Everyone had their own ideas! And what awesome ideas they were! I am so happy that a small project turned into being a many state project... I want to thank all the girls that helped out with these bras, as without you we just would not of had the same turn out!!!!
We will be using the Bras for the Cause theme at our Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! and we are also hoping that the breast cancer golf outing will also use them... a fun idea to tie all the Breast Cancer events together!!
Hope you all are enjoying the spring time weather... Riding weather is here, well almost! So many bikes out on the road... Enjoy & have fun!!
Be Safe~ Angel Ride Girl