Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seeing Angel Ride shirts every where!

I don't get go too many places too often, but have notice lately, that every where I look there is a TaTa shirt of ours somewhere! Which is good!
Went to the FDSH football game to watch my son, and here is a couple of our shirts that younger high school girls were wearing wandering around the bleachers! I thought it was awesome! Went to the store there's a couple more! At the races... there they are!!
Sometimes I wonder when there is benefits, do people just buy the shirt for the day? I know that when I get shirts from many different benefits, I wear them when ever I can! Nice to keep the word out on those benefits as they all work so hard in putting together those rides!
With the summer closing down... and October being Breast Cancer awareness month, I sure hope to see more of the Angel Ride shirts, as we want to remind people that early detection saves lives! Maybe if people see the "Save the TaTas" it will remind them of so many fighting for their lives! Maybe its their mom, sister, grandmother, neighbor, or friend. Or even those that you will meet one day! These people are taking day by day, week by week & month by month! And when the anniversary of their cancer free comes around, those girls know their date! A friend of mine has hers on my birthday! I am so pleased that I can share this special day with her!
Remember to do a self exam often, schedule those mammograms yearly, and don't forget to go to the doctors for check ups! We want to see you all around for many years to come!
TaTa for now~ Angel Ride Girl