Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day after the ride...

Wow is all I can say about yesterday! The day started out with a few clouds, but at sign up for the Angel Ride, here came the rain! Not a little one, but much rain! We were so bummed that people wouldn't come... at 1st we had a couple bikers come to wish us well... they were on their way to another event in a different town... It was fun chatting with them tho! Always fun to meet new people!
Then all the sudden here come the people, a few at 1st then a whole bunch! WOW! 211 people total came to the ride! Even tho it was raining, they came! Bless their wet hearts! I told a few, "Breast Cancer doesn't take a day off for the rain" and they agreed! Then there were a few guys saying "Your going get wet....heehee" I looked at them and said see all these women in t-shirts... need I say more! They stopped teasing me & agreed that it wasn't all that bad! :)
I don't have my pictures uploaded yet. But I wanted to thank all of those people that came out in the rain to make this event an awesome one! ~ Oh the rain broke for the most part before noon... so it wasn't too bad on the road!
If it wasn't for them coming out in the rain to ride, We wouldn't have such a great event! I will let you all know later how much we made for the TRH Oncology!
This next Sat there is going to be a golf outing to make money for the Susan G Breast Cancer fund! My hubby & I will help them out for awhile, as they came out to help us! It is good to help others, as there maybe a time that you want someone to help you out...kinda like paying it forward!
I would also like to thanks all the ones that helped us out when things were getting hectic with the auction & selling shirts! People jumped in to help us... we were not expecting that! There were so many wonderful people there! Thanks! ^j^
Take Care~ And safe travels~ Angel Ride Girl

Friday, August 14, 2009

11 hours until the ride!

The minutes are ticking away until the ride! Wow less than 9 hours to go! Hope you have all your bikes cleaned & gassed up ready to go!
I just got a call tonight that there is going to be a band after the ride! Wow this is something extra to top the event off!
Come to the ride & if you are busy, stop down to Amigos after the ride to check out the auctions, the music & to meet up with your friends! Remember this is a great cause to help out with!
Take Care & hope to see you all tomorrow morning! ~ Angel Ride Girl

2009 Messenger article

Shirley Hanna displays a page from the calender produced as a fundraiser for the Angel Ride “To Save the Ta Tas” event on August 15.

Support of a good cause takes many roads.

This year, the third annual Angel Ride to Save the Ta Tas, scheduled Saturday, will take the roads less traveled, going as far as Carroll and Auburn before returning to Fort Dodge and a night filled with activities.

For the first time, the Angel Ride also includes a "local boy" calendar for sale along with T-shirts, bandannas and a wide range of items to be offered at auction after the fun run.

This is a motorcycle run, said organizer Shirley Hanna, but, "we'd like to see some classic cars come in, too."

All money raised will be donated to the Trinity Regional Medical Center oncology services to buy wigs and scarves for women fighting cancer and to pay for transportation to treatments.

"We need all the help that we can get to raise money for this cause," Hanna said. "Also to raise awareness in the fight."

More than $3,000 was raised during the first Angel Ride two years ago, and last year brought in more than $5,500. Hanna hopes for another large jump in donations.

The calendar idea came about, she said, "as a good way to bring in some of our greatest supporters, the men in our lives."

Twelve local men and a few boys "stepped up to the plate to help us out," she said.

Steve Jackowell is Mr. January; Jamie O'Brien, February; Buck Yoder, March; Dean Underberg, April; Ryan Reekers, May; Bill Barkley, June; Sgt. Ryne Barker with Kannon Graham, July; Loren Zuspann, August; Doug Smith, September; Duran Barlow, October; Brian Pflibsen, November; and Scott and Sam Mericle, December.

The calendar is the kind of thing Hanna hopes will draw attention to the project and money to the coffers. She said she hopes those who buy the calendars enjoy them as much as the committee did putting them together.

This Angel Ride coincides with the annual Dragonboat festival, which seems appropriate, Hanna said. It was her involvement with the Dragonboat festival and the Angels Abreast team that inspired her to set up the first motorcycle ride. Keeping the fundraiser going just seemed right. Still, she said, it's the volunteers who help with the project that keeps it running, Her sister, Lynda Lowery, is co-chairman.

Not counting the funds raised for the hospital's oncology unit, this Angel Ride is important simply because it keeps the fight against breast cancer in the forefront, Hanna said. It will be a pink ribbon day.

Fact Box

If you go:

WHAT: Third annual Angel Ride to Save the Ta Tas

WHEN: Registration between 9 and 11 a.m. Saturday. All riders expected back by 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Registration at Community Tap and Pizza. Ride will go to Tony's at Farnhamville, Heroes in Lanesboro, Harley Davidson at Carroll, Shotz in Auburn, Lynchs in Rockwell City and Juds at Knierim. The Angel Ride will end at Amigo's in Fort Dodge.

RIDE fee is $10 per person.

LOCAL-BOY CALENDARS promoting breast cancer awareness will sell for $15; T-shirts, $15; and bandannas, $3. T-shirts and bandannas for sale at Sun Market & Deli, Party Productions, Healthwise Concepts and Community Tap and Pizza. Calendars are available at Kimmy's Photography, Sun Market & Deli and Party Productions.

Contact Sandy Mickelson at (515) 573-2141 or

The count down is here...

Tomorrow is the ride... Can't believe that it is here already... It is time to think if we have missed anything or what else needs to be done before the big event!
There are so many people out there that we want to thank for their support! Without the support from our family, friends, and God we couldn't of made it this far! And mainly from the support from the people that are willing to take their time out to come on this ride with us! We have worked hard at getting items for donations, preparing food for after the ride (75 lbs of burger!) Also to haul the items to the event! We have some bigger items this year!
I was asked last night, 'Do you think that you have 100 donation gifts?'. I told them "Yes I think we do plus"! Times have been tough this year, but with the event that we are working with, I do think that it hits home for allot of people!
When we were at Amigo's Wed night selling T-shirts we have I don't know how many people come up & let us know that they have fought breast cancer, their family has had it or they know someone with it... it was amazing & sent shivers up & down my spin...I can't imagine how they feel...
One special person that I want to thank I want to thank for all her help is Brooke Bickford & KKEZ! We had an interview at the radio station on Wed and she made us feel so comfortable & welcomed! And every day that I listen to the radio when she is on, she is talking about our ride & letting people know about the event! I am hoping with all this chat on the radio, signs up & everything that we have an awesome turn out!! Lets hope so anyway!
And one other person that I want to acknowledge is my sister! With out her vision about this ride 3 years ago we wouldn't be where we are today! There are days that we don't see eye to eye & days that we are grouchy at each other...but... without each other we would be lost! I keep after her & she after me... kinda each others support on those days that we don't want to get out of bed...
We have both worked hard at getting things going for this ride! Then we brought in another gal last year - Dawn Wesley... I was surprised that she wanted to help us this year! She worked her hinny off last year keeping things rolling for us, so that we could do the ride. We have put our full trust into Dawn, she is a one of a kind person, she is our precious rock to make sure that we are all on the right page! I know things would not run as smoothly without her. So Thank you Dawn for all you do! I know there are days that don't look good, but you are a true friend~ thank you!!
Well off to get more things done this morning... time is a ticking away! Need to get things ready to ride!
Hope to see you all tomorrow at the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas!
~Angel Ride Girl

Thursday, August 13, 2009

An awesome guitar for the event!

Hi~ I just wanted to share with you all one of the donation items that I just got this week!
This is an awesome pink custom made guitar! It was made by Steve Gibson! When I went to his house to pick up the guitar, I had tears in my eyes as it was so awesome looking! It is a light pink sparkly finish! It has a breast cancer ribbon along with a motor cycle on the bottom that says "Ride for a Cure". This man does wonderful work! There is no words to tell him how much this guitar means to us to have it as an auction item for this Saturdays Angel Ride! Thank you doesn't seem enough... he has reached into his heart to help us out! Thank you Steve, you are an awesome person!
We also will have many other items up for auction on Sat! Signed football(s), Harley items, gift baskets & many other items, to many to list!
Make sure you are at Amigos here in Ft Dodge IA after the ride to see all the wonderful items we got from some great people!
Thanks~ Angel Ride Girl

Some of the people you meet along the way...

They always say that there is a reason that you meet certain people when you are on this earth! This is about a couple incredible ladies!
This is a picture of Kay Fleshman... I cannot say that I have met her face to face, but we have emailed (face book) and have chatted on the phone! She is a super nice person!
When I saw her picture of her PINK HAIR on Facebook, I dropped her a note to ask her if I could use her picture on my blog! This is the response that I got... "You may certainly use anything I have for any means of advertisement. Or for a friend that is struggling with breast cancer today. I figure that the reason God chose me for breast cancer and let me survive, is because I have a BIG mouth and will be a spokesperson for change! For now, just keep smiling and spreading the pink love!"
All I could do was smile... How many women could have such a good outlook as she has? With all the problems that she has been through for the last how many years?
I also have a friend named Deb S. I learned this year that on my birthday that she is a survivor of breast cancer for 9 years! I have known her for a few years now... she is also an awesome lady, she has been putting in her time & efforts to help us with this Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! Helping get donations, working with us & just being a great friend!
You may never know who has gone thru breast cancer, some women try to hide it, others are amazing & try to get the word out as much as possible, to get your mammograms yearly~ early detection is the only way to catch breast cancer before it spreads!
I think this makes it easier to work as many hours as we have on this Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's... To hear about these ladies stories, to see that they have fought a very hard battle and know that each and every day of their lives are very special to them and to everyone that knows them!
If you can, please try and make it to the ride on Saturday August 15th, 2009 at Community Pizza here in FD and it will end at Amigos also here in FD! We have some many wonderful donations, auction items and hoping for a wonderful day to meet new people! There will also be someone, after the ride, to be there to tell us how this money that we are raising has helped her thru her battle with breast cancer. It will be an awesome day to remember!
Hope to see you there... Safe travels~ Angel Ride girl

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Calendars are done!

Hey there!
Just a quick note to let you all know that the calendars for the Angel Ride are in! They are $15 per calendar! Again...all the money that is raised goes to help local breast cancer patients! They will be on sale at the run!
Thanks to all the guys that had took their time to get their pictures taken for this calendar! It goes to a great cause! The picture of the guy beside the calendar is Steve for the month of Jan!
~Angel Ride Girl

What's in a name?

WHAT IS IN A NAME? Many people ask that daily? All the way from why did you name you kid that? How did you get your nickname? Some are asking because they like it & some are almost making fun of what the names of things are...
You are probably asking yourself, why on this blog sight would I be asking "What's in a Name"? Well it has come to our attention thru the 'grape vine' that some people are offended by the name "Save the TaTa's" ... Also the "Dudes for Boobs", I have a picture of a guy on the blog that is wearing a "Dudes for Boobs" shirt! He had told me that his wife thought that some might be offended by the shirt, well when he showed up last year at the TaTa ride, some of the survivors of breast cancer asked him where he got his shirt as they wanted to buy one for their husbands! So, I would think if anyone, the survivors should be the ones that are upset with the names, not the everyday people!
I Google "Save the TaTas" and came up with pages of things... not only mine, but others from different states! The people that are not liking the TaTa name should try to Google it and see what all the things out there with the 'Save the TaTas' on it!
Breast Cancer is not a good thing... but what we are doing with this event is... We are not trying not to offend anyone with this ride, by the name, we are only thinking past the name about helping others with things that they may need... wigs, scarfs & funds for things that will help them get past this horrible thing in their life! This is not easy for them & God willing I will never have to deal with it, or anyone else that I care about...
So please people, look past the name, we were not the soul ones that came up with the name, some survivors helped pick out the name out... It is not about the name it is about the cause and helping others in need! You should be thinking to yourself "I am fighting for a cure/cause!"

Remember the date is coming up fast... August 15th, 2009 starting at Community Tap & Pizza in Ft Dodge, IA registration is 9-11 am Hope to see you all there! We got allot of really nice things for auction & wonderful prizes too! Tell all your friends too!

Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl