Friday, November 19, 2010

Handing over the $Money$ !

I know it has been a long time since I added onto the blog! Summer kinda caught me in a whirl wind of things going on... but won't bore you with all that!
We had an awesome turn out of riders for our 2010 Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's! Over 300 riders, and after wards at Community there were for auction numbers over 500!! What can you say about this, only to say TOTALLY AMAZING! WOW!!
I would like to thank all the people that donated & came out to the run to help out by working it, riding it, or donations that were given! Without the help of the people, we couldn't be handing over close to $30,000! We are like $1,500. shy of making that total! This is to help local breast cancer patients within a 75 mile radius! And personally I have known at least 2 that have been going thru this using the funds, or products that our group has helped get for the TRH Oncology!
A special thanks goes out to Mycheal & Sally for helping us the night before & the day of the ride, and for getting us all those donations & food & for making a TaTa parking space at Community!! And to Mark for letting us sell shirts at bike night & letting us use his place for sign up at the beginning of the ride and for letting us make 4 parking spaces at Amigos! Rusty for being a DJ! The Fishheads were totally awesome on Friday night! If you ever get a chance to see them go for it!! Kimmy's Photography for taking the pictures for the calendars! Splash Graphics for doing an awesome job on keeping up with all the orders we have been giving them!
And a special thanks to all of our Angels, they have worked very hard throughout the year, making plans, selling things, and getting donations! Our Angels don't ask for much, but give allot! Thanks to Dawn W, Dawn P, Teressa T, Tammy O, Marlyn M, and Sharon R, Deb S, Laura F, and a extra special thanks to my sister Shirley...she pulled this event together 4 years ago with a vision to help those in need of services that couldn't pay for them! And each year it has almost doubled from the year prior (if not more!) And there were extra helper Angels that came in to help the day of the run! I hope that we can get your help next year!
Again Thanks to all that participated in our run! Any and all that you do, helps those that are in so much more need of the money that we work so hard in raising!
Take Care~ And safe riding/driving!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Donations are coming in right & left!

Oh if you could see all the awesome donations that we are getting in for ride on Saturday, you would be totally amazed! There are so many caring people that are willing to help us out with this cause! We have many many silent & live auctions! I have added 2 pictures of benches that are to be raffled off & auctioned off! The pictures do them no justices, as they are truly awesome benches & hand carved!
Friday night when we "Get the Party Started" for the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas with the Fishheads at Community Pizza here in Ft Dodge! We will auction off some of the smaller baskets & some of the Bras for the Cause! These are some fun bras to display or wear!
So come on over to Ft Dodge, and join us in helping many local breast cancer patients with uninsured expenses! And have a fun time doing it too!
Please put in your prayers ahead of time, that we have good weather for Sat! But then again, we ride, rain or shine, as breast cancer doesn't take the day off if it rains, so we can't either!!
Take Care & Ride Safe!
~~ Angel Ride Girl~~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Come join the fun!

Over the past months/years we have heard so many cute saying, like "Big or Small Save them All!", "Dudes for Boobs", "Save 3rd Base", and our favorite... "Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's" They are all saying about the same thing, and hoping to get attention to help people learn about early detection to save those TaTa's!
We are at less than a week to our Angel Ride! I hope you all are getting pumped up for this awesome fun filled day! I know I am!!
There is so much going on this week getting ready for the ride. When we started riding and going on Poker runs to help out others. Heck we thought it was such a fun time, you never think about all the work leading up to these events! There has been many months of planning, getting so many donations (for live & silent auctions & door prizes, food for after the ride, and many other things... Not complaining, because knowing how the end results come out is so worth it, knowing how many people it helps out! And I know when the totals came out last year, all that I could think was WOW! Anyway... I will try to blog daily to keep you all up to date as to what is going on!!
Wednesday night we will be at Amigo's Bike Night selling shirts, calendars, bandannas, koozies & chances on the Harley benches! They are also taking pre-registrations on Wed nite!
Thursday night we will be in Barnum at one of our stops, as they are having a Harley Dealership there for chances of rolling to win a Harley! We will also have our Save the TaTa items there! Pre-registration!
Friday night is the KICK OFF FOR OUR RIDE! Come on down to Community Tap here in Ft Dodge to listen to the FISHHEADS! I hear they are an awesome group to listen to! Island type of music! Kinda of a Island Party here in the Heartland of Iowa! You can pre-register for the Angel Ride which will be the next day!
Saturday morning is the Ride! Come down to Amigo's here in Ft Dodge! Will add the route later, and it ends at Community Tap in Ft Dodge!
Hope you can come out to all these up coming events to show your support! You need to see the calendars, there is one with guys in it & one with girls in! These people were so awesome to get their picture taken to help show their support for the cause!! I hear that there is a challenge to see which calendars sell the most! Lets see which one wins! :)
Take Care & Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl
Ps: Come on back for updates to on the ride!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All I can say is WOW!

Last night I went to my sister's to take a few pictures of things that haven been donated, so that we can get them up on Facebook... by the way if you are on Facebook type in "Save the Ta-Ta's 2010" There we have pictures of things that have been donated! And we also keep up on that as to what is going on around town!
Anyway when I went into this once empty room, now it is so full that it is hard to walk around in, and all I could say was WOW! It really brings a huge lump to your throat when you see what all has been donated! The Angels that have gone out of their way to pickup items, the businesses that have given the items, they all come together just at the right time together as one!
We have a signed Dallas Clark football jersey, a Justin Brayton 3rd in the world champ motor cross jersey signed! Signed footballs from Iowa & Iowa State!! Baskets of every kind! There is something for everyone! And all I can say is wow!!
I will keep you up to date with more as I can!

Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ride is coming The RIDE is COMING!!!

Wow~ It seems like it was only a few months back that we were on last years ride, and we are on the count down for this years!!
There is another fun ride planned again this year & many nice people making awesome donations! It is truly amazing how many people come together for this event!
Some ask why we do this event... "Do you have breast cancer", "Do we know someone with breast cancer", and many more questions... My thoughts for that is, do you have to have any kind of cancer to help someone out... "Pay it Forward"! And yes we do know many wonder woman that have breast cancer... but doesn't make us any less wanting to help them out... if everyone in the world did a good deed at least once a month, and for some people once a year, the world would be such a better place!
I have a daycare outta my home, and the other morning my 10 yr old girl brought me a check for $10 to put towards our breast cancer event! They sold lemonade the weekend before and her and another little girl gave their money to help others! This 10 yr old has a close friend of the family that is going through breast cancer right now! So maybe after being around me doing this fun raiser, and being around her friend, it has made this little girl want to help others!
We have 2 calendars that will be sold this year, a girl one & a guy one! (all clothes are on!) Very tastefully done!! The picture at the top is of the committee... and the one at the bottom is a bench that will be auctioned off to raise money for our event!
Remember the date... August 14th starts at Amigos here in Ft Dodge, and it will end at Community Pizza also here in Ft Dodge!
Thanks again for all you support and followings!
Take Care & Ride Safe!
~Angel Ride Girl~

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey~ Can you imagine going to a cake auction and finding a big bright pink bra cake? Oh that is what we had donated to the cake auction last weekend April 10th! We also made a Harley Bra and had it in a basket of goodies to help raise money for the Domestic Abuse Center here in town & to promote our up coming Angel Ride to Save the TaTas Breast Cancer Ride!
We are making Bras for the Cause as an awareness of Breast Cancer... There will be a May Day Tea at the Country Club on April 30th here in Ft Dodge! We have made some awesome bras!! When I posted a couple of them on facebook, I had a good friend from school get a hold of me about making some from their groups! Well we got 9 from Robin~ The Queen of Hope & her girls! She contacted some more fellow Girls & I received a box of 11 from WIS!
All I can say is WOW! The neat designs on these bra are truly amazing! Not a two are alike! Everyone had their own ideas! And what awesome ideas they were! I am so happy that a small project turned into being a many state project... I want to thank all the girls that helped out with these bras, as without you we just would not of had the same turn out!!!!
We will be using the Bras for the Cause theme at our Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! and we are also hoping that the breast cancer golf outing will also use them... a fun idea to tie all the Breast Cancer events together!!
Hope you all are enjoying the spring time weather... Riding weather is here, well almost! So many bikes out on the road... Enjoy & have fun!!
Be Safe~ Angel Ride Girl

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starting to warm up!

As I look out the window in the morning, to look at the amazing view! It almost makes you wonder how something so beautiful can only last a short time! We have to enjoy what is given to us, no matter how short or long we have it!
As we were out side last weekend, enjoying the wonderful weather, wishing we could be out riding, but needing to clean up after the winter weather. I looked up to see that the neighbor had just pasted our house, then to hear a screeching sound, then seeing a bike siding down the highway, I knew....
As I ran out to the front yard to see what had happened, I saw that the guy riding the bike was up & moving around, thank God that he was safe. He had some road rash, that I am sure that he is feeling it this week! His bike was scratched up allot, and a couple of his lights were broken. Nothing that couldn't be fixed anyway!
The guy driving the truck said "I DIDN'T SEE THE BIKE!" He said he heard the noise & tried to get out of the way. With the good skill of the biker, he got the bike laid down and got off the bike. The truck didn't hit the driver or the bike.
As the bike was lifted up, he got it started after a few tries. Got on his bike & was on his way. He didn't exchange any info, didn't want any help, just said "This is a Hell of a way to start the bike riding year off". Lucky there was a guy that was jogging by that knew the biker & got some info from the other driver.
You have to wonder what in the heck was going through that bikers mind when he saw the truck ahead of him, and lucky that he was watching what was ahead. He was riding a bike like ours, I was thinking it was a nice day out & would be nice to go out for a ride, but after seeing that, think we will wait until it warms up some until we get the bike out!
It was only 12 years ago May 1st when the same thing happened to me in the same spot as this bike went down. Except I was in a full sized van, and the bike went under my van. The driver was hurt, but not bad. The feelings that I had were horrible, and it wasn't all my fault. The bike went to pass on the left side as I was turning left into a driveway. I do know how bad the other driver was feeling.
Just a note to remind you all to watch out for those around you, as the cars are not looking out for the bikers. We want you all to be safe out there!
~~ Safe Riding~~ Angel Ride Girl

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hey there... does anyone have spring fever? Mine is more like Riding Fever! Seeing pictures of last years rides & hearing people talk about their adventures heading down south where it is warmer to ride their bikes, make me want the warmer weather to come sooner! I have a cousin that lives in Ark. and he lets me know when he has been out on his bike, and how much warmer it is there than here in IA! Makes it even harder to wait for the warmer weather!
But on an up note, we have been starting the planning for our up coming poker run for the "Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's" We are hoping with all the things people are wanting to see & do that this ride will be as fun as the past ones!
We are also getting involved with the Bras For The Cause event that we will hold here in Ft Dodge, at the Country Club with a May Day Tea but held on April 30th, all the money raised helps local breast cancer people! I will be having some of the awesome bras posted on line so that you can see all the hard work that some people have gone to, to make these bras!
The one thing that I am looking forward to this year at the Angel Ride, is catching up with old friends, and meeting new friends... It has taught me over the last few years, that it is about the cause, not about who put it together, but more for those that it will help out in the end! Meeting some of the people that have gone through breast cancer has opened my eyes, to how lucky we actually are! Also finding out those that have had it, that I didn't know about... and those that are starting to fight for their lives, that just found out that they have breast cancer! It amazes me just how strong these people are, they may think that they are not strong at all, but they are truly amazing people!
I just saw a t-shirt logo that said that "WHOEVER SAID WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING, NEVER HAD TO FIGHT CANCER" That kinda sums it all up!
Thanks for stopping to visit my blog~ Angel Ride Girl

ps: Thanks Cuz ~ for the awesome Harley coat! I love it!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Yes, the new date for this year ANGEL RIDE TO SAVE THE TATA's has been set! AUGUST 14th, 2010!!! We are still looking to see which way we will ride this year! Last year we had so many good comments that we took a new route instead of the same ole routes that every ride goes on, not that the ole routes are not good, but we just need to explore new places, meet new friends, and just plain have fun while doing it!
Last years ride ended up really good, and with all the money staying local to help those in the area here... sometime you just don't know who it will touch! People have come up to me and asked if I had breast cancer, and I tell them no, but I have meet many Awesome people working for this cause... ones that have touched my lives in many ways, to hear their stories of what they went through good & bad things... It makes you to Thank GOD that you are healthy!
Since the ride last year, I have known 3 women that are going through the beast cancer surgeries now... and know of one in my family that went through it 5 years ago, also another woman that went through it 7 years ago, that I didn't even know about... It makes you step back take a deep breath! A long deep breath to see how brave & strong these women are...they may not think that they are brave, but after listening to what they have to go through, and to still maintain a normal life, it is damn hard on everyone that they know & love, besides themselves.... and all I can say is "GOD give them the strength to "Keep On Fighting Like A Girl" because they need all that they can get"!
I am hoping that the ones that are going through the procedures now might help us at the TaTa run this year, maybe to share their stories of Faith & Hope & Courage! I know 2 of them that are going through it have helped out in different Breast Cancer benefits here locally, now the money they donated over the years will be helping them out in one way or another!
Thanks again for checking back with us... I hope that you continue to check back here on updates as I try to post them!! And I can't wait for the weather to warm up, so that we can all get back out on the roads!!
Until then~Drive Safe~ Angel Ride Girl