Sunday, October 12, 2014

Angel Ride walk "Laps for Life"

Today is Oct 12, 2014 and also the day that the Crossroads Mall hosted the Laps for Life walk for the Angel Ride! There is nothing better than to meet old friends and new during an event for the Angel Ride! We tend to have some laughs but hope to always raise funds for breast cancer patients! Rusty McNeal spun some tunes throughout the day and he also had a t-shirt cannon, and was able to shoot some tshirts down the wings of the mall, which there was many kids ready to chase them!! There were many people stop by to support the walk, and to purchase shirts!! My biggest thing for the day was to meet a very special gal that is going through breast cancer. As we got talking she told me of a person that she admired, a guy that wore a pink beard at the Angel Ride,he is a friend of mine. She wanted him to know how much it meant to her that he done this. I don't think those that wear the pink mohawk , pink beards or dye their hair pink for breast cancer awareness truly know what this mean to those that are fighting breast cancer. It shows that they support those fighting breast cancer, whatever it takes!! This young woman also told me that her husband and friend went bald when she did!! That is awesome as I have heard of this before too!! It takes real friends to do this for the one that is fighting cancer. Thursday is going to be a special day for the Angel Ride... we are going to be handing over the funds to the hospital!! Stay tuned for 2014 totals!!!