Friday, June 29, 2012

2 weeks from today! WOW!

Greetings to all you out there... Today marks 2 weeks until the pre-registration party & ride begins! I can't believe it! This has been a busy week! Tues some of us girls were at Lynch's at Rockwell City! I want to say to them that their DJ "BIG DADDY ATTY" is an awesome guy! Not only did he help us unload the shirts to sell, he coached people to come up and buy shirts from us! He himself bought a "Dudes for Boobs" shirt and took off his shirt to put on our shirt right out in the open!! Talk about a COOL DUDE!! We also got to visit with a gal that is going through treatments right now! This is her 2nd bout with it, and I was amazed that she had such an awesome attitude about it! We had an awesome Bike nite there & they want us to come back again next week! :) Thursday we had another planning meeting and this meeting was a bit special as we had a new member start. She happened to call me a week ago and then again on Wed night! She is a survivor and has joined our group to help others! She is an awesome lady! Can't wait to get to know her more! This coming Monday we will be putting together baskets for the silent & live auctions in two weeks! We have so many awesome donations, thanks to so many caring people! The flag that I have pictured at the top of the page is a IOWA flag signed by the head, Basketball , Football & Wrestling coaches of IOWA college! This is not a common donation and was told it was very rare to get those all to sign something at one time! I hope it brings in some Iowa Fans! We have so much work cut out for us! Have talked to some of the bar owners/managers and they are gearing up for the big event! I know I can't wait to see the turn out! I know it has been so hot out lately, but I am hoping for nice weather the day of the ride! Meeting old friends and getting to know some new ones! Want to tell everyone thank you so much for the support that you have given us over the last 5-6 years! We couldn't of made this possibly without your help. And thanks all the committee members old & new, there is no way that the planning of this ride could of happened with out any of your help!! Oh another person that I want to thank is Kathy at Personali~Tees in Humboldt! I know its her business of shirts but she has been AWESOME to work with! I am sure that it isn't easy some days for her or us, we but we work through it together!! THANK THANK YOU SO MUCH! Well until next stop... Ride safe, and remember early detection saves lives! "TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT" Make a difference in others lives! ~~Angel Ride Girl

Monday, June 25, 2012

Time is Ticking away!

The Angels have been working trying to get things done for the up coming ride! July 13th & 14th are only a couple weeks away!! The Chairs for Charity are starting to come in! Hope to have them displayed soon at a place for all to see! There are some amazing chairs coming in! The donations are a little slow coming in, but know we have some good items coming! The stops on the route have been getting ready too! Some of them will be selling pink ribbons to decorate there establishments! A dollar a ribbon and at the end, they will toss all those ribbons into a hat and draw one out for a chance to win a Angel Ride shirt! I know Saturday when we were at Sportsters in Newell they already had about 10 sold! Its fun to see how excited they are to have this event come through their community! Well as the clock is ticking I need to keep moving! Stop back to visit the blog! Thanks for all the support that you are giving us as we couldn't do it with out your help! Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Angels Have Been BUSY!

June 2nd the Angel Ride helpers were in the Frontiers Day Parade! Many walked the parade throwing out candy along the way! And some sat in front of Sneakers Pub & Eatery selling baked goods to those that attended the parade! There were so many goodies there for sale! The items that didn't sell were taken over to the Beacon of Hope men's shelter! They enjoyed the treats there!! Then on June 8th Community Pizza hosted a 2nd Annual Garage Sale! There were many items donated! It was a beautiful day for a garage sale! Had many show up to buy things too! Would like to thank all those people that donated, bought, worked & came by to say HI! That evening Community Tap let us have their sponsor night at Mineral City Speedway! Was an awesome night at the track! Enjoyed meeting new people that stopped by to talk & met many new people too! Then on June 9th, a friend of mine called me up a couple months ago, asked me if it would be ok if he hosted a car wash for us at Kum & Go 115 N 22nd St. Not knowing how it would turn out, there were approx 25 cars washed that day! The helpers worked hard! We were short a couple of workers as they were called into work, but in the end, we called in some helpers & it all worked out for the best! Thanks to all that helped us out and for all that came through to have their cars washed! It all comes together with help from others! It is amazing on what others come together to do for us! The ideas from others, help to make this a great event! Not only the day of the ride, but months & weeks prior to the event! We make new friends along the way as well as meeting back up with old friends that we haven't seen for awhile. Our families also help us out each day to keep our hopes up that we can make this a good event to help those that are in need of the funds! Thanks again for being apart of the Angel Ride event, wheatehr you help getting it put together, donate, work at it, or ride the day of it! "Together We Can & Will DO IT!" GOD Bless you all~ Keep on Riding~ ~~Angel Ride Girl


You are going to think that I have fallen off my rocker! Nope, we are just re-vamping the rockers & chairs (& tables) and came up with "Chairs for Charity"! 2 years ago we did the "Bras for the Cause" and this year as I was getting extra chairs to sit on during a meeting I pulled out a chair that I had started to re-do for my son, and thought, Chairs for Charity would be a great way to bring in funds for the Angel Ride! I have had approx 7-8 chairs come in already! Every one is original in its own way! The one thing that I had asked is Please place a pink ribbon on the chair some where so that those that are buying them will see the ribbon and know that they are for breast cancer! The chairs do not all have to be pink, I am hoping for sports ones, music, whatever anyone thinks up! The one at the top here is from the FDSH art class! When my son brought it home along with other chairs, I was truly amazed that it was an early 1900s rocker! Beautiful done! I would say that I want it for my self, but my daycare kids love it all the same! So whom ever bids on it will win it!! We also had one child's rocker that came in all decorated in Cow~Girl! It is sitting down at Riverside Tap in Lehigh! They are going to raffle it off for us!! There is many people out there that are helping us out in one way or another! Making the chairs to selling them for us! It all goes to a great cause! I can't wait to see the others that are out there getting finished up! I do think that this will turn into a good thing for us! Oh and for those that know I like spray paint! Yes I am working on one and it is going to be in memory of my aunt that I just lost... all I will say is that it is a desk! I hope to be better at writing again, have been busy & sided tracked, so I think I am getting back to normal... BUSIER (heehee)! Take Care~ Ride Safe~ ~~Angel Ride Girl~~