Saturday, June 25, 2016

JULY 9- Angel Ride to Save the TaTas 10th Annual Event!!

This years Angel Ride event is on July 9th! Two (2) WEEKS AWAY! I am not sure where this year has gone as it just seemed like we just started planning and now we have 13 days to be ready for the ride! We have so many new ideas and things going on this year!! We have added a PARTY BUS! Those of you that ride on bikes my ask WHY a PARTY BUS!??? Well you have some people that want to be on the ride, and well don't have anyone to take them, or want to be safe and not drive as you been drinking, or big plus just want to have a blast with new & old friends on a BUS! My thoughts are "HELP THE ANGEL FILL THE PARTY BUS" the charge is $25 person! You get to bring a small cooler with you too!! What a way to have fun while on a good event to help others! And don't forget if it rains you can stay dry too!! BUT we are hoping for great weather!! Bikes & cars fee is still $15 per person!! Lets make this year a big turn out! Don't forget we have live & silent auctions... and I have been seeing allot of the awesome things coming in this year, many many new things that we have never had before! Plane tickets, different event tickets for getting away, toolbox, pictures, jewelry and so much to list!! You'll have to come down to Amigo's for the ride to see! And well IF by chance you can't come to the ride, stop down after 5 pm to catch up on the fun & activities!! I have been posting pictures of the donations, on Facebook that we have been getting so, IF you can not make it at all that day, get ahold of someone to bid on that special item for you!! We did get allot of Iowa & Iowa State items, I think it would be awesome to maybe have a computation to see which college items bring in the bigger funds Iowa or Iowa State!! What are your thoughts??? Well until we meet again, Ride Safe...Knees to the Breeze! Angel Rider Girl

Sunday, July 19, 2015

WoW What a turnout!!

WOW is all I can say after Saturday July 11, 2015 ride! The day started out cloudy, rainy and humid! Well after getting set up and waiting for awhile, the people started rolling into Amigos!! We have many of us that dress for this special day, while wearing my tutu for the 3-4 year, my son grew out his hair to a 7" mohawk dying it pink and purple, and our special friend always dyes his beard pink! We had all sorts of things happening at Amigo's Saturday morning they served bisque's and gravy! Our helpers were selling shirts and misc items!! Jana with had her trailer down from Milford Iowa selling items from it (while giving us a percentage from her sales!) Also Janelle with Gecko leather bracelets was selling her items, while also giving us a percentage of her sales! We have had some really gracious people this year giving us percentages to go towards our fund raiser!! We are truly blessed with these people!! We had under 500 people sign up for the ride this year!! With the weather and the many things that always go on in the summer I say that we had a good turn out!! We had a delayed start out as the rain and and trying to get people all registered! BUT It was amazing when we pulled outta Amigo's to head to our first stop there were so many bikes still at Amigos, but when we pulled into Antlers in Clare there were bikes every where!! It was so amazing!! The sight of all these bikes makes all the work that we do throughout the year is so well worth our time!! Being a first stop we always know that there will be plenty of people there! There were great at making sure people were waited on!! As we left Clare we headed to Rolfe, a nice ride over there we had a double stop there! It was also dinner stop(s)!! Wes's Place and The Bud Barn in Rolfe both were set up to serve people on demand! They both had Delicious food!! Each place always has their nitch!! Dan Allen at the Bud Barn has a pink Clydesdale rocking horse! It was painted like the Clydesdale horse, then he painted it pink after his wife was fighting breast cancer. He had it so that people could get on top of it to get their picture taken with it!!
To see the massive size of this horse was so amazing! He also was greeting people on their way in making them feel welcome, while also telling them on their way out to ride safe! Leaving Rolfe we headed north to Algona to Ernie Williams Harley Davidson! That is always a good spot to stop off at! Fun to look at the all the things they have for sale!! Leaving Algona we headed south east to Renwick! Well what can I say about Renwick? Better off what can't I say!! Alli and her staff at One More? bar in Renwick came all out for this ride! They greeted people outside their front door, had BARBIE shots with a portion of the price coming back to the ride, also serving a drink called LaDonna Summer Sunset drink with a $1 per drink coming back to us! To go even further they played a game called PLINKO with the funds coming back to the ride! Everyone that played the game walked away with a prize!! The Brick Gypsy Pizza guy served good foods there too!! After leaving there we headed south to Humboldt to Millers Landing! Being greeted by their staff and Curt as he was on the ride too, we sat to relax awhile and knowing it was time to make our last journey back to Amigo's to finish out the ride for the day! Upon getting back to Amigo's everyone had a chance to stretch their legs while getting something to eat! The DJ Joel Johnson spun some tunes, while auctioneer Curt Carlson got things lined up for the auction! We had some great helpers, helping out for the auction! The first item up for bid also came with a speech from Mary Jo Hinds, she was the artist of a lion picture that was up for bid. She was also a breast cancer survivor, getting up in front of a group of people is not very easy for people, but I think it also makes people think!! The auction started off after that. There was many fun things to bid on and then came another guest speaker Michelle Enriquez, she had told me in Feb that she wanted to be a speaker as I pulled her up on stage last year!! I got to know Michelle a few years ago, and so glad that she chose to get up in front of these people again!! She reminded people that early detection saves lives!! Not only with breast cancer but all cancers!
People should all have their checkups yearly! As the auction wound down and people started heading home for the night, a few of us sat around to finish cleaning up and relaxing a bit before heading home. We talked about things that went on during the day and being very thankful for all the helpers we had to help us out during the day! It is a very hard job to put together a ride like this! There are so many people that we couldn't do without! The stops, the people who donate, the ones on the ride, the people that work the day of, and the many days before. Getting donations is not easy for anyone to do but after you sit back and think about it, it helps so many people in the end!! Thank you so very much to all that help out the Angel Ride!! Take Care & Ride safe~ Angel Ride Girl

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Total $30,111.78 WOW

All I can say is Wow!! The check to TRMC Oncology Dept for 2014 was $30,111.78! What an awesome job everyone did to help make this years total a success!! It was not as much as past years, but it is on our way to a quarter million donated to the TRMC oncology for uninsured expenses such as scarves, wigs & traveling expenses! You say a quarter million?? Yes, the day of the walk Rusty our DJ asked how much we have made over the years. So we started adding and adding... well after thinking of how much we have raised and donated, we are a little under $60,000 shy of a quarter million! Now can you say WOW??? Makes you think of all the breast cancer patients that we have helped over the last 8 years and hope to help over the future years to come! We have been so blessed to have so many awesome people to help us over the last 8 years and we hope to have many more people join us in making our goal of a quarter million dollars. We want to help as many as we can until breast cancer is no longer! We are still selling shirts and that is our biggest money maker. The shirts can be gotten at Party Productions here in Ft Dodge, IA. Or you may send a donation to us or TRMC Oncology Dept with a note to let them know it goes towards the Angel Ride area! Remember early detection saves lives!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Angel Ride walk "Laps for Life"

Today is Oct 12, 2014 and also the day that the Crossroads Mall hosted the Laps for Life walk for the Angel Ride! There is nothing better than to meet old friends and new during an event for the Angel Ride! We tend to have some laughs but hope to always raise funds for breast cancer patients! Rusty McNeal spun some tunes throughout the day and he also had a t-shirt cannon, and was able to shoot some tshirts down the wings of the mall, which there was many kids ready to chase them!! There were many people stop by to support the walk, and to purchase shirts!! My biggest thing for the day was to meet a very special gal that is going through breast cancer. As we got talking she told me of a person that she admired, a guy that wore a pink beard at the Angel Ride,he is a friend of mine. She wanted him to know how much it meant to her that he done this. I don't think those that wear the pink mohawk , pink beards or dye their hair pink for breast cancer awareness truly know what this mean to those that are fighting breast cancer. It shows that they support those fighting breast cancer, whatever it takes!! This young woman also told me that her husband and friend went bald when she did!! That is awesome as I have heard of this before too!! It takes real friends to do this for the one that is fighting cancer. Thursday is going to be a special day for the Angel Ride... we are going to be handing over the funds to the hospital!! Stay tuned for 2014 totals!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Ride is Coming... THE RIDE IS COMING!!!

The ride is coming up fast... I can not believe where the year has gone since last year.. The ride this year is on July 12, 2014!! We will start and end at AMIGOS here in Ft Dodge, IA! The registration is 9-11 am! Breakfast will be served & we will also be selling shirts!! This year we have tank tops for the girls, tshirts, long sleeved t-shirts & hoodies for everyone!! If you didn't get last years shirts we still have a few of them left in select sizes and we will be selling them too!! SO COME DOWN AND JOIN US IN THE MORNING even if you are not riding!! We'd like to have everyone back at Amigo's by 5 pm so that we can start the live & silent auctions, did I mention there will be food!! Oh, and there is always plenty of FUN!! The Angel Ride committee will be having pre-registration & shirt sales at bike night at Amigos on Wednesday nights until the ride and will be at Lynches in Rockwell City on Tuesday, July 1st for pre -registration and shirt sales!! Always a blast at Lynches with Big Daddy Addy there!! So come on out to bike nights at Amigos & Lynches and sign up for the ride, buy a shirt, or give a donation!! EVERY PATIENTS MATTERS AND EVERY PENNY HELPS!!! There are so many people out there that needs help... and all the money that we raise stays locally and helps with uninsured expenses such as scarves, wigs, travel expenses, co-pays to even paying their water bills... these people that are fight breast cancer have a tough fight daily and we are trying to make things a little easier for them! So we need a little help from everyone!! Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Donation for 2013!!

The seventh annual Angel Ride to Save the TaTas donated $30,339.25 to the TRMC Oncology Department on Nov 15. The funds raised go to help patients with uninsured services for wigs, scarves and travel expenses during their breast cancer treatment. Pictured in front are Michele Johnson, Julie Hewitt and Judy Winninger In the second row are Lynda Lowery and Deb Schuh. Dawn Wesley, Marilyn Meier and Shirley Hottman are in back. Angel Ride members Jeana Black, Chris Dutcher, Kim Eastwood, Megan Hanna, Melissa Hansen, Karen Little, Cathy Moore, Melanie Patterson, Dawn Powell and Lana Wendland are not pictured WOW! We couldn't of done it without every ones help! Rails Bar & Grill in Eagle Grove, Pickles in Kamrar, Rungos in Stratford, Iron Saddle Saloon in Dayton & Ralphs Tap in Moorland! A huge thank you to Mark & Crissann Campbell from Amigos in Ft Dodge for all the help they gave us getting the ride ready and hosting the event the day of the ride! Rusty McNeal for DJing the Angel Ride and Curt Carlson for auctioning the donations off! Others that helped us along the way were Three Eagles Communications for advertising and getting the word out about the ride, Personality-Tees shirts in Humboldt, Kathy Reimers was awesome getting us our shirts! Party Productions and Kaleidascope Gifts in helping us sell shirts throughout the ride. Party Productions still has many shirts and hoodies yet for sale! Thanks to Lynch's Bar in Rockwell City in letting us come over there during their bike night to sell shirts along with Big Daddy Addy in entertaining us when we were there! Also thank you to Larry Jessen and Rusty McNeal for hosting the walk at the Crossroads Mall in Oct! A very special thanks to all "Our Angels", we have on our committee, they give up time with their families to help us make this event possible! It takes many people to make an event like this work! I want to thank each of you for your part in helping us, whether it be a big part or small, everyone is always very much needed! A thank you to those of you that are fighting the fight of your life to get through breast cancer, you are the real heroes in our efforts in the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas!! Without you we wouldn't have a reason to do this ride! God Bless you all! Again thank you to each and every one of you for your all you do in helping us with the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! Take Care and God Bless you all... ~Angel Ride Girl

Friday, July 12, 2013

Twas the Night Before...

Greetings to all! It is the night before the ride, and well, just hours away before having to get things ready for the ride! The last couple days have been amazing! Thursday I got pushed in front of TV 13 camera to do a spot on TV and well this morning at 6:20am I got to see myself on TV! Wow! Then this morning was on the radio with 2 other Angels! We had fun, even tho it was early in the morning, we got through it and work the whole day through too! An Angels work is never done... But we still march on ward!! When stopping at the bank to get change for the ride, the gal working there asked where she could get a shirt as her sister saw it on the TV and wanted a shirt, I was surprise that I wasn't the only one watching it... haha I hope that we get some good coverage out it the interviews these last couple days! The weather is to be really nice! I know I can't wait to get out there and meet new people that I have emailed with and texted with! And also meet up with old friends that we don't get to see very often! It will be an exciting day I am sure!! Well knowing I have to get moving early in a few hours, I best close the blog for the night! Thanks to all that support the Angel Ride, and hope to see many of you tomorrow! Come up and say hi if you see me, would like to meet as many of my followers as possible! Take Care, and ride safe~ Angel Ride Girl