Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 Total $30,111.78 WOW

All I can say is Wow!! The check to TRMC Oncology Dept for 2014 was $30,111.78! What an awesome job everyone did to help make this years total a success!! It was not as much as past years, but it is on our way to a quarter million donated to the TRMC oncology for uninsured expenses such as scarves, wigs & traveling expenses! You say a quarter million?? Yes, the day of the walk Rusty our DJ asked how much we have made over the years. So we started adding and adding... well after thinking of how much we have raised and donated, we are a little under $60,000 shy of a quarter million! Now can you say WOW??? Makes you think of all the breast cancer patients that we have helped over the last 8 years and hope to help over the future years to come! We have been so blessed to have so many awesome people to help us over the last 8 years and we hope to have many more people join us in making our goal of a quarter million dollars. We want to help as many as we can until breast cancer is no longer! We are still selling shirts and that is our biggest money maker. The shirts can be gotten at Party Productions here in Ft Dodge, IA. Or you may send a donation to us or TRMC Oncology Dept with a note to let them know it goes towards the Angel Ride area! Remember early detection saves lives!

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