Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Turned over the fund to TRMC ONCOLOGY!

WOW Rae Anne couldn't believe how much we raised this year! $43,163.29! That is amazing to all the people that helped out to help local breast cancer patients! This is all within a 75 mile radius of Ft Dodge! There are so many people fighting breast cancer that this will help out!

We didn't have all of our Angels there for the picture, but we salute all of them, as we couldn't of done it with out their help! Some helped a little, some helped allot, some lived with it in their homes daily! The businesses, and the people who rode, and donated too! It is a group afford to make any benefit a good success! The patients that benefit from this have a fight ahead of them, its not just one day, week, year... it takes many days, weeks, years to be thankful that they are survivors! I know it would be hard!

We still have some shirts, hoodies, long sleeved t-shirts left and for sale at Party Production in Ft Dodge. The shirt sales have been over the top this year! There is no more orders going in this year... but thats ok, as we have the guy that did the design this year, already thinking of new designs for next year!

Thanks again for following me this year! I will still be keeping this up as until there is a cure found for breast cancer, we still need funds to help the people!
I will leave you with some statements from people that have used some of the funds...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just a note thanking you for your assistance. It does make a difference when unable to work due to treatments. Things have been real hard on me lately. Your help with gas cards for traveling to Webster City made a huge difference in my worries.
Continue what you are doing. If a woman can have a positive experience dealing with breast cancer I did thanks to your help. The wig that you provided allowed me to maintain some sense of normalcy during treatment. Thank you so very much. What you are doing for patients fighting breast cancer is remarkable. I am only one patient but have seen your work in action at the cancer center numerous times!
I am very happy to say Thank You to this great group! My getting breast cancer was quite unexpected. I was the first in my family to be diagnosed with this. My whole world was out of control after the news. I didn’t know what to do and well-meaning people were offering all sorts of advice that I didn’t need. You will never know how much it meant to pick out a wig and hat and be told there was no charge because of your donations to the cancer center. I actually cried. [Maybe I just needed a reason to cry and release some of my emotions] Any way Thank you. When I have these treatments behind me, I hope to repay the kindness. God Bless you all.

Hope you get another ride in before the snow flies!
Take Care~ Be Safe~
Angel Ride Girl