Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is here and gone...

Wow is all I can think of... the Christmas season is over as of today the 26th of Dec! All the bargain shoppers were out in full force today! So many grumpy as you by pass them smile a friendly hello don't break their grumpness! I wish more people would remember the reason for the season. Plus remember that family and friends are what its all about too!
I hope that this finds all of you healthy and ready for the 2012 year to start in less than a week! Still wondering where this 2011 year went to. Didn't seem like Christmas with no snow on the ground. We did see a few bikes out on the road! I talked to Santa up at Ernie Wms Harley and asked him for snow for Christmas, a white Christmas is all I asked for, he said no he was enjoying the weather we were having, I said well can we at least have riding weather??!!
I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all & to ALL a Happy 2012 New Year! Enjoy your family & friends!
Take Care~ Be Safe~Angel Ride Girl & family