Friday, July 13, 2012

FRIDAY July 13th

Good Morning~ Waking up to the cooler breeze coming in the window... I listen and hear there are little rain drops coming down outside! Hum, I hope that it gets all done sprinkling before this afternoon, I know we need the rain, but on the other hand, tonight is our Angel Ride pre-registration party at Sneakers! We have worked so hard in getting donations, putting together baskets, arranging things to be done & the Dueling Pianos will be playing tonight, so hope the rain gets it over with by lets say 12-1pm! We got the trailer pretty much loaded up with everything but the chairs for Saturday. Tonight things will be loaded in trucks! I hope we don't forget anything... Yes I am nervous! I want this to be a good event! Remember Friday the 13th most people think its unlucky, for us working for people with breast cancer, we are hoping its luckier than any other Friday the 13th, as breast cancer doesn't skip Friday the 13th because its worried about it... ~~Angel Ride Girl

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Counting down to the day!

Today is Thursday! Our pre-party is tomorrow... where has all the time gone? Wow! We are still getting in donations & some awesome things at that! The trailer is getting loaded up daily, slowly, as we have to be careful what goes into it! I want to say that after typing up the testimonies of the people who have used our services this last year, it gives me more reason to make this years a success! I will put some of those at the bottom here! It is amazing how they fight daily, and appreciate all the efforts we do to make sure this is a good event! So it makes me want to work as hard as I can to get this done! Sleep who needs that right! Thanks ahead of time for all that are planning to come to the pre-registration party on Friday night at Sneakers here in Ft Dodge, sorry to those that don't as I am sure you will miss a GREAT TIME! HUGS to you all!! Ride Safe Until Next Time~ Angel Ride Girl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes you have to go through things and not around them. Thank you to the Save the TaTas group for helping me with my co-payments. Bless all of you for what you do for the breast cancer people & for helping me go through the breast cancer journey. ~Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have lived, laughed, loved & lost. I have cried, mourned & grieved, hoped, prayed & healed. I have found strength & true believing. I AM A SURVIVOR! You made my journey with breast cancer easier due to your support. Thank You to the “Save the TaTas” group!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Today is Friday July 6th! And it is one week from the ride! We have had so many nice donations come in, and meeting so many great people along the way! Planning this ride takes allot of work but when you step back and look at the people you meet working on the planning, and stops that we have at the bars, the people that own and work there it has been amazing! Plus the locals that are helping them to make their stop a huge success! TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT! One person cannot to this on their own, it takes many people to make something like this a success! And I want to thank all those that help us out whether it is in the planning stag, a stop area, giving a donation, or buying a shirt, it takes many many people! A couple places I want to thank is Lynch's over in Rockwell City, Mike & Julie were so nice by letting us set up for their bike night 2 weeks in a row! Those were the only bike nights we had this year! And to Sportsters in Newell, Oh My have they bought the most shirts ever in one area that we stop at! It shows how much the town comes out to support them! Well I have much to work on before next week! Thanks again for following my blog! Until next time! Ride Safe ~ Angel Ride Girl
Picture is Big Daddy Addy DJ from Lynchs in Rockwell City!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th to everyone... I am going to vent alittle tonight! This morning when my son took off to go hang out with his girlfriend, to watch a parade, and enjoy his girlfriends family time & fire works, never in my wildest dream would I have ever thought that he'd call us with an accident... Yep... some stupid guy (and I am choosing my words lightly & nicely) backed into my son while he was on his bike at a stop sign... He had a lawn service truck and trailer (wont say the name)! As my son was sitting behind him on his bike, at a stop sign, this guy backs up and hits him, his trailer backs up enough that the bike tire is stuck under it! He gets out & asks if son is ok, said "I didn't mean to..." blah blah blah drives off... yes my son is okay, but we will have to trailer the bike home! What kind of idiot would do this... Tomorrow there is going to be some calls made... my son worked hard to pay for his bike! Its not new or fancy but it is his & he paid for it all by himself! And to have this guy drive off no name or anything, only good thing was he had a company truck... what is this world coming to? Please people watch out when you are driving your cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles out there, you never know whats going to happen to you or your family. It could be your loved one that is hit by a lawn service truck :( Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl