Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting things going!

The weather isn't looking as bad as this picture anymore! It warms up, cools down, and soon the weather will be just right for riding! People have been getting antsy to start their bikes up! But I hope that everyone is safe at the beginning of the riding season, because the cars are not use to the bikes being out again! Keep a look out! I, myself along with my 2 sons, and some friends will be taking the motorcycle safety classes soon! It will be fun to learn!
We had our 2nd Angel Ride meeting last week! We have many ideas being tossed around! Many donations being picked up! I tell the Angel Girls that it is better to be ahead of the games, as when the warmer weather comes, they will all want to be outside! I know I will want to be!
We have the ride about finished being planned out! It should be a fun one with lots of things to look at along the roads! Rivers, scenery, more than just fields! I think this will be an awesome ride! New places to go, new people to meet along the way! I know I have already met some super nice people while stopping in at their businesses while planning this ride! The local people are mainly friendly & want to help out with this amazing cause! Its heart breaking when you talk to some of these people too. One place that we were going to stop at (but they are going to be gone) he told me he wished he could of helped us out, as he just lost his mother to Breast Cancer a year prior.
You really don't know how this cancer has hit so many out there. I know I heard very little about it until I started working on the Angel Ride. Some ask if I, my sister or mother had it. I look at them and say no, but know others that have, and some survived some didn't make it. Its kinda like "Paying it Forward".
Soon we will be posting shirts up for sale, bandannas, hoodies, and misc items! There are some different ideas of what we are selling this year! We have had request for items, so watch out for what we bring forward!
Until the next blog, take care, be well & be safe!
~Angel Ride Girl

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting our Angels all together!

Can you say wow? WOW!!
We had our 1st meeting of the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas on Tues March 15th! We had a big group show up! 3 new Angels added to our crew... Oh we are always looking for new Angels to help us out! They bring new input to the group! Always in looking of new ideas, makes each day more exciting!!
We are putting together baskets for other causes too! The BETS for PETS Fur Ball 2011 for the Humane Society is March 26th, and D/SAOC Cake Auction is coming up! It is so great to be able to make baskets for these other causes, which also gets our name and date of the ride out there too! Posters are starting to go up too! Watch for them! If you are interested in putting up posters around your area of Iowa to help promote our ride, let me know and I can email you a copy for you to print off!!
As we get moving we will add pictures of the meetings, events we attend and donations we gather up for the ride!
IF you are interested in donating something for our Angel Ride, leave me a note! If your on Facebook, go to our sight and join it... Angel Ride to Save the TaTas!
Keep a watch out... we hoping to spread the word about our ride, early detection, and helping fight this Breast Cancer until we hear there's no more of it! Wouldn't that be awesome! Turn the world pink!! Think pink!!!

Until later~ Angel Ride Girl

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Date Set... so much to do!

It is now March, and the year is already onto a fast start! WoW! I am not sure where time goes sometimes... we all get busy in our own lives and don't take time to stop and smell the flowers along the way... To notice those around us, just to say hi to them... Take time out to take care of our selves... It only takes 5 minutes (give or take)at the oncology dept. or woman's center to have your mammogram done! Early detection helps to save lives!
One of our own Angels is going through treatments now, early detection is how she found out... No one can stress about early detection than those going through the treatments! Its not what they had planned to take time out of their lives to go to treatments 5 days a week, and worrying 7 days a week... So PLEASE remember to take time out to get your check ups done!
All that being said brings us to this years theme will be, "TAKE 5 TO STAY ALIVE!" Beings it is our 5th year of the Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's!
The date is set for JULY 30th, 2011! Lets hope for another awesome day like we had last year! The weather was truly awesome, a little hot, but no rain!
So please mark your calendars to save the date for the TaTa run! JULY 30th! We want as many bikes, cars, trucks, vans there as possible! Because we want to have fun at raising money for all the breast cancer patients that we can! Last year we brought in $30,000! That is going to help allot of people! I say 'people' as breast cancer doesn't only hit women it also hits men! The money that is raised also helps those patients within a 75 mile radius of Ft Dodge! But no one is turned away!
I can't believe how many people that have gone or is going through breast cancer treatments! I told you in an earlier blog that I found out that my aunt and a couple other people I knew had it, years after the fact...and this weekend I found out that another cousin had gone through treatments a couple years ago... and that 2 of my class mates are going through it now... how many others that are in my life are going through this that I didn't know about....makes one wonder... I wish that more people would be open about it so that others may know it helps others to have knowledge about this horrible cancer! And that they are not alone!!
I hope to stay on top of my blog this year,last year we had some set backs at our house... water in the basement! Like many others that are already going through that around this area! Water is such a bad thing to deal with, but around here, its ice & water! Ugh!
Take Care, Keep warm until we blog again~
Your Friend~ Angel Ride Girl!