Thursday, June 20, 2013

Having a day of fun!

Finally after many bike nights of rain, we finally get a good day to go down to Amigo's to set up and sell Angel Ride merchandise! There was a good turn out there as Mason City Harley was down there rolling for the Harley bike! That always brings a crowd! We sold a few shirts and Angel Ride items, but the big thing was we were offering per-registration for the ride! We had a couple come and sign up, and hopefully over the next few bike nights, we will have more sign up!! And if they can't make it to bike night for signup, Kaleidoscope Gift and More 925 Central Ave Fort Dodge, Iowa, Melissa has registration forms there! Plus a large supply of Angel Ride shirts and misc items! There is also shirt available at Party Productions 1919 1st Ave N Fort Dodge, IA! Last night at bike night we did a 50/50 where you get half the pot and the other half goes to the Angel Ride! Well there were $418 sold so the guy that won it got $209! Well to our surprise, as I handed him the money, he handed it back to me! That gives you shivers up and down my spine! He got a round of clapping, that was truly amazing! Then after that, a business owner here in Ft Dodge, came up and gave me $100 bill! Wow! All I can say is WOW! The supporters are awesome! I did have a couple people that came to the table, one was a gal that bought a tank top for her and her friend, she had breast cancer. Another that said her friend was just going through it, and we talked how her friend is lucky to have the support of her friends and family. It is interesting of how open some are about their stories and journeys through their cancer dealing. I think it is an inspiration to others that may have someone they know get it or if they themselves get it! This is where pay it forward comes into effect! I was in touch with an old friend that is planning to get together a car wash for us! With the rainy weather, it's looking like it will be the week after the right, but that ok, as we don't turn over the money until Oct! (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) In the picture is Melissa and me! She just got this T-Bucket rod, and on the front of it is a beast cancer ribbon! She will have many pink details added to it over the winter! She gave me a short ride in it yesterday! That put a smile on my face that lasted a long time! Thanks Melissa! We are hoping that the weather holds up for people to ride, I know not every day is going to be good for rides, bit those are days that you can get your other things done! Just be safe in riding! Thanks for following my blog... ~Angel Ride Girl~