Friday, July 12, 2013

Twas the Night Before...

Greetings to all! It is the night before the ride, and well, just hours away before having to get things ready for the ride! The last couple days have been amazing! Thursday I got pushed in front of TV 13 camera to do a spot on TV and well this morning at 6:20am I got to see myself on TV! Wow! Then this morning was on the radio with 2 other Angels! We had fun, even tho it was early in the morning, we got through it and work the whole day through too! An Angels work is never done... But we still march on ward!! When stopping at the bank to get change for the ride, the gal working there asked where she could get a shirt as her sister saw it on the TV and wanted a shirt, I was surprise that I wasn't the only one watching it... haha I hope that we get some good coverage out it the interviews these last couple days! The weather is to be really nice! I know I can't wait to get out there and meet new people that I have emailed with and texted with! And also meet up with old friends that we don't get to see very often! It will be an exciting day I am sure!! Well knowing I have to get moving early in a few hours, I best close the blog for the night! Thanks to all that support the Angel Ride, and hope to see many of you tomorrow! Come up and say hi if you see me, would like to meet as many of my followers as possible! Take Care, and ride safe~ Angel Ride Girl

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The count down is on!

Well we are on the last days until the ride... can't believe where all the time has gone to?! Tonight we loaded up the trailer with the donations getting ready for things on Saturday! All I can say is wow there are some nice donations!! And more are expected to come in tomorrow and Saturday morning! We are getting some more per-registrations which is always good, then they don't have to wait in line on Saturday morning! There will be a breakfast served there tho, so come on down and enjoy something to eat, visit with people, or just come down and enjoy the cool bikes! But then again we will have things for people to buy, such as their 2013 Angel Ride shirts, koozies, bandanas, bracelets, pins and decals! It will be fun to look out to the crowd to see the color purple... Some may say I am not one to wear purple... this year the reason we chose purple is that is the color of survivor!! We are hoping in the near future that there will be a cure for breast cancer so show our support and wear purple! :) All of our helpers this year have done an amazing job! Going out to get donations, selling shirts, and promoting the cause! The radio station is going to talk to some of us Angels at 7am! Yes our Angels have to rise and shine early to work our wonders! Well I am going to close tonight with some thoughts and prayers of hoping that Mother Nature gives us a nice day on Saturday to ride, and that we have an awesome turn out throughout the day so that we can turn over another big check to help the patients with uninsured expenses. Hoping to beat last years total! The pedal cars in the the pictures are ones that have been donated this year! Thanks to all that support this event... Enjoy the weekend, and ride safe~ Angel Ride Girl~

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone~ This is a time of year that we enjoy riding, being with families, or camping!!! With the awesome weather that we have been having it's just nice being outside! The Angels have been working bike nights & we do have fun at them! Meeting new people, and catching up with old friends too! The best thing about working bike night is the people that come up and tell you about survivors in their families or friends going thru breast cancer now, and they are helping each other through the tough times! Being a friend to all helps life for many to be better! There is a count down to the ride coming up, we have 3 more bike nights to do! Hopefully you can make it to one of them, and get your new Angel Ride merchandise or per-register for the ride coming up! We are now taking credit cards! I know this will help some as not everyone carries cash all the time! Thanks in advance for helping us to raise money for breast cancer patients with uninsured expenses!! Ride Safe! Angel Ride Girl~~

People you meet along the way...

Wow! This coming Saturday is the ride, I am not sure where the time has gone this year! The weather has been awesome for riding lately! Two wheel therapy is what I call it. After a long day sometimes its just nice to have a long ride to clear your head & take a deep breath of the wind your riding into to make things seems a little less stressed! Well for some that works out, but for others maybe not so! At bike night at Amigos the 2 weeks ago, while working the table of selling shirts, and misc Angel Ride items, a guy came up to me. I've seen him around town, not sure of his name, I have always stopped to talk to him! He started to tell me about his sister that he lost this February to breast cancer. She was 52 years old. Oh my, this is very hard for him to talk about, and well, hard to know what to say. He said that he had other sister, aunts that he'd hope that they wouldn't get breast cancer as well. We were selling coasters that had saying on them and had been tied together, so we took them apart so that he could find the right ones to give to his sisters, and aunt! You could tell that he felt at ease being able to talk about, looking over the different sayings, and being able to feel free to talk about it... Last week we went to Rockwell City Lynchs for bike night... we had a nice crowd & they always make us feel welcome there! Big Daddy Addy the DJ does an amazing job there! And he supports us Angel Ride girls 100% !!! Here again we had a few gals come up to tell us their stories! One was wearing the red hat lady's shirt which is purple! She told me she was a 4 year survivor! As I told her congratulations and wishing her many years of survival, another gal came up to us to get a purple koozie! Telling us at the table that her mother passed away 43-45 years ago. She said she was a small girl when her mother passed. As she talked she said they didn't know as much about breast cancer as they do now, and had hope that they find a cure soon. It is amazing how strong these women are, and men as they tell their stories to others. I think that it is awesome that they can talk about their stories, as it gives others courage to fight their battle(s) too!! Today I had a call, a guy wanting the last years Dudes for Boobs shirt! The one store that sells them had him call me! I looked downstairs and had his size! He told me that he could pick it up at bike night this Wed!I had no problem saving it back for him. I had also asked him if he had seen this years shirt?? I was referring to the "Booty for Boobies" shirt, he said he saw the gray one, but didn't look at it, and said that the purple wasn't his color! I said the reason we went with the purple is that it is a SURVIVOR color! He said he knew that and he himself was a survivor! Yes it took me by surprise, but on the other hand... my sons choir teacher, and another elderly man I know of has died of breast cancer. I told him this too. Many may think that it is weird that a man can get breast cancer, but it can happen. So for anyone if you have a pain, a lump or any questions about your chest, please get it checked out because early detection saves lives... some of these people that I have talked to lately are living proof it can! And some are not as lucky. We can only pray that some day soon they will find a cure! So this Saturday when the ride for the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas is going on, look around you at the people that are there, as I know there are going to be some that are survivors, some that are just beginning to fight their battle with breast cancer, and some that are there because they know someone that has passed from it. Stop and listen to their stories, as some times it helps others to be able to just talk about it! Remember to "Treasure Her (or His) Chest" "Booty for Boobies" (they both mean the same!!) And you will be amazed at the people that you meet along the way! Take Care~ Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl~~