Friday, January 15, 2010


Yes, the new date for this year ANGEL RIDE TO SAVE THE TATA's has been set! AUGUST 14th, 2010!!! We are still looking to see which way we will ride this year! Last year we had so many good comments that we took a new route instead of the same ole routes that every ride goes on, not that the ole routes are not good, but we just need to explore new places, meet new friends, and just plain have fun while doing it!
Last years ride ended up really good, and with all the money staying local to help those in the area here... sometime you just don't know who it will touch! People have come up to me and asked if I had breast cancer, and I tell them no, but I have meet many Awesome people working for this cause... ones that have touched my lives in many ways, to hear their stories of what they went through good & bad things... It makes you to Thank GOD that you are healthy!
Since the ride last year, I have known 3 women that are going through the beast cancer surgeries now... and know of one in my family that went through it 5 years ago, also another woman that went through it 7 years ago, that I didn't even know about... It makes you step back take a deep breath! A long deep breath to see how brave & strong these women are...they may not think that they are brave, but after listening to what they have to go through, and to still maintain a normal life, it is damn hard on everyone that they know & love, besides themselves.... and all I can say is "GOD give them the strength to "Keep On Fighting Like A Girl" because they need all that they can get"!
I am hoping that the ones that are going through the procedures now might help us at the TaTa run this year, maybe to share their stories of Faith & Hope & Courage! I know 2 of them that are going through it have helped out in different Breast Cancer benefits here locally, now the money they donated over the years will be helping them out in one way or another!
Thanks again for checking back with us... I hope that you continue to check back here on updates as I try to post them!! And I can't wait for the weather to warm up, so that we can all get back out on the roads!!
Until then~Drive Safe~ Angel Ride Girl