Friday, July 6, 2012


Today is Friday July 6th! And it is one week from the ride! We have had so many nice donations come in, and meeting so many great people along the way! Planning this ride takes allot of work but when you step back and look at the people you meet working on the planning, and stops that we have at the bars, the people that own and work there it has been amazing! Plus the locals that are helping them to make their stop a huge success! TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT! One person cannot to this on their own, it takes many people to make something like this a success! And I want to thank all those that help us out whether it is in the planning stag, a stop area, giving a donation, or buying a shirt, it takes many many people! A couple places I want to thank is Lynch's over in Rockwell City, Mike & Julie were so nice by letting us set up for their bike night 2 weeks in a row! Those were the only bike nights we had this year! And to Sportsters in Newell, Oh My have they bought the most shirts ever in one area that we stop at! It shows how much the town comes out to support them! Well I have much to work on before next week! Thanks again for following my blog! Until next time! Ride Safe ~ Angel Ride Girl
Picture is Big Daddy Addy DJ from Lynchs in Rockwell City!

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