Saturday, June 25, 2016

JULY 9- Angel Ride to Save the TaTas 10th Annual Event!!

This years Angel Ride event is on July 9th! Two (2) WEEKS AWAY! I am not sure where this year has gone as it just seemed like we just started planning and now we have 13 days to be ready for the ride! We have so many new ideas and things going on this year!! We have added a PARTY BUS! Those of you that ride on bikes my ask WHY a PARTY BUS!??? Well you have some people that want to be on the ride, and well don't have anyone to take them, or want to be safe and not drive as you been drinking, or big plus just want to have a blast with new & old friends on a BUS! My thoughts are "HELP THE ANGEL FILL THE PARTY BUS" the charge is $25 person! You get to bring a small cooler with you too!! What a way to have fun while on a good event to help others! And don't forget if it rains you can stay dry too!! BUT we are hoping for great weather!! Bikes & cars fee is still $15 per person!! Lets make this year a big turn out! Don't forget we have live & silent auctions... and I have been seeing allot of the awesome things coming in this year, many many new things that we have never had before! Plane tickets, different event tickets for getting away, toolbox, pictures, jewelry and so much to list!! You'll have to come down to Amigo's for the ride to see! And well IF by chance you can't come to the ride, stop down after 5 pm to catch up on the fun & activities!! I have been posting pictures of the donations, on Facebook that we have been getting so, IF you can not make it at all that day, get ahold of someone to bid on that special item for you!! We did get allot of Iowa & Iowa State items, I think it would be awesome to maybe have a computation to see which college items bring in the bigger funds Iowa or Iowa State!! What are your thoughts??? Well until we meet again, Ride Safe...Knees to the Breeze! Angel Rider Girl

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