Saturday, December 28, 2013

Donation for 2013!!

The seventh annual Angel Ride to Save the TaTas donated $30,339.25 to the TRMC Oncology Department on Nov 15. The funds raised go to help patients with uninsured services for wigs, scarves and travel expenses during their breast cancer treatment. Pictured in front are Michele Johnson, Julie Hewitt and Judy Winninger In the second row are Lynda Lowery and Deb Schuh. Dawn Wesley, Marilyn Meier and Shirley Hottman are in back. Angel Ride members Jeana Black, Chris Dutcher, Kim Eastwood, Megan Hanna, Melissa Hansen, Karen Little, Cathy Moore, Melanie Patterson, Dawn Powell and Lana Wendland are not pictured WOW! We couldn't of done it without every ones help! Rails Bar & Grill in Eagle Grove, Pickles in Kamrar, Rungos in Stratford, Iron Saddle Saloon in Dayton & Ralphs Tap in Moorland! A huge thank you to Mark & Crissann Campbell from Amigos in Ft Dodge for all the help they gave us getting the ride ready and hosting the event the day of the ride! Rusty McNeal for DJing the Angel Ride and Curt Carlson for auctioning the donations off! Others that helped us along the way were Three Eagles Communications for advertising and getting the word out about the ride, Personality-Tees shirts in Humboldt, Kathy Reimers was awesome getting us our shirts! Party Productions and Kaleidascope Gifts in helping us sell shirts throughout the ride. Party Productions still has many shirts and hoodies yet for sale! Thanks to Lynch's Bar in Rockwell City in letting us come over there during their bike night to sell shirts along with Big Daddy Addy in entertaining us when we were there! Also thank you to Larry Jessen and Rusty McNeal for hosting the walk at the Crossroads Mall in Oct! A very special thanks to all "Our Angels", we have on our committee, they give up time with their families to help us make this event possible! It takes many people to make an event like this work! I want to thank each of you for your part in helping us, whether it be a big part or small, everyone is always very much needed! A thank you to those of you that are fighting the fight of your life to get through breast cancer, you are the real heroes in our efforts in the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas!! Without you we wouldn't have a reason to do this ride! God Bless you all! Again thank you to each and every one of you for your all you do in helping us with the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! Take Care and God Bless you all... ~Angel Ride Girl

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