Friday, November 19, 2010

Handing over the $Money$ !

I know it has been a long time since I added onto the blog! Summer kinda caught me in a whirl wind of things going on... but won't bore you with all that!
We had an awesome turn out of riders for our 2010 Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's! Over 300 riders, and after wards at Community there were for auction numbers over 500!! What can you say about this, only to say TOTALLY AMAZING! WOW!!
I would like to thank all the people that donated & came out to the run to help out by working it, riding it, or donations that were given! Without the help of the people, we couldn't be handing over close to $30,000! We are like $1,500. shy of making that total! This is to help local breast cancer patients within a 75 mile radius! And personally I have known at least 2 that have been going thru this using the funds, or products that our group has helped get for the TRH Oncology!
A special thanks goes out to Mycheal & Sally for helping us the night before & the day of the ride, and for getting us all those donations & food & for making a TaTa parking space at Community!! And to Mark for letting us sell shirts at bike night & letting us use his place for sign up at the beginning of the ride and for letting us make 4 parking spaces at Amigos! Rusty for being a DJ! The Fishheads were totally awesome on Friday night! If you ever get a chance to see them go for it!! Kimmy's Photography for taking the pictures for the calendars! Splash Graphics for doing an awesome job on keeping up with all the orders we have been giving them!
And a special thanks to all of our Angels, they have worked very hard throughout the year, making plans, selling things, and getting donations! Our Angels don't ask for much, but give allot! Thanks to Dawn W, Dawn P, Teressa T, Tammy O, Marlyn M, and Sharon R, Deb S, Laura F, and a extra special thanks to my sister Shirley...she pulled this event together 4 years ago with a vision to help those in need of services that couldn't pay for them! And each year it has almost doubled from the year prior (if not more!) And there were extra helper Angels that came in to help the day of the run! I hope that we can get your help next year!
Again Thanks to all that participated in our run! Any and all that you do, helps those that are in so much more need of the money that we work so hard in raising!
Take Care~ And safe riding/driving!

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