Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starting to warm up!

As I look out the window in the morning, to look at the amazing view! It almost makes you wonder how something so beautiful can only last a short time! We have to enjoy what is given to us, no matter how short or long we have it!
As we were out side last weekend, enjoying the wonderful weather, wishing we could be out riding, but needing to clean up after the winter weather. I looked up to see that the neighbor had just pasted our house, then to hear a screeching sound, then seeing a bike siding down the highway, I knew....
As I ran out to the front yard to see what had happened, I saw that the guy riding the bike was up & moving around, thank God that he was safe. He had some road rash, that I am sure that he is feeling it this week! His bike was scratched up allot, and a couple of his lights were broken. Nothing that couldn't be fixed anyway!
The guy driving the truck said "I DIDN'T SEE THE BIKE!" He said he heard the noise & tried to get out of the way. With the good skill of the biker, he got the bike laid down and got off the bike. The truck didn't hit the driver or the bike.
As the bike was lifted up, he got it started after a few tries. Got on his bike & was on his way. He didn't exchange any info, didn't want any help, just said "This is a Hell of a way to start the bike riding year off". Lucky there was a guy that was jogging by that knew the biker & got some info from the other driver.
You have to wonder what in the heck was going through that bikers mind when he saw the truck ahead of him, and lucky that he was watching what was ahead. He was riding a bike like ours, I was thinking it was a nice day out & would be nice to go out for a ride, but after seeing that, think we will wait until it warms up some until we get the bike out!
It was only 12 years ago May 1st when the same thing happened to me in the same spot as this bike went down. Except I was in a full sized van, and the bike went under my van. The driver was hurt, but not bad. The feelings that I had were horrible, and it wasn't all my fault. The bike went to pass on the left side as I was turning left into a driveway. I do know how bad the other driver was feeling.
Just a note to remind you all to watch out for those around you, as the cars are not looking out for the bikers. We want you all to be safe out there!
~~ Safe Riding~~ Angel Ride Girl

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