Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's in a name?

WHAT IS IN A NAME? Many people ask that daily? All the way from why did you name you kid that? How did you get your nickname? Some are asking because they like it & some are almost making fun of what the names of things are...
You are probably asking yourself, why on this blog sight would I be asking "What's in a Name"? Well it has come to our attention thru the 'grape vine' that some people are offended by the name "Save the TaTa's" ... Also the "Dudes for Boobs", I have a picture of a guy on the blog that is wearing a "Dudes for Boobs" shirt! He had told me that his wife thought that some might be offended by the shirt, well when he showed up last year at the TaTa ride, some of the survivors of breast cancer asked him where he got his shirt as they wanted to buy one for their husbands! So, I would think if anyone, the survivors should be the ones that are upset with the names, not the everyday people!
I Google "Save the TaTas" and came up with pages of things... not only mine, but others from different states! The people that are not liking the TaTa name should try to Google it and see what all the things out there with the 'Save the TaTas' on it!
Breast Cancer is not a good thing... but what we are doing with this event is... We are not trying not to offend anyone with this ride, by the name, we are only thinking past the name about helping others with things that they may need... wigs, scarfs & funds for things that will help them get past this horrible thing in their life! This is not easy for them & God willing I will never have to deal with it, or anyone else that I care about...
So please people, look past the name, we were not the soul ones that came up with the name, some survivors helped pick out the name out... It is not about the name it is about the cause and helping others in need! You should be thinking to yourself "I am fighting for a cure/cause!"

Remember the date is coming up fast... August 15th, 2009 starting at Community Tap & Pizza in Ft Dodge, IA registration is 9-11 am Hope to see you all there! We got allot of really nice things for auction & wonderful prizes too! Tell all your friends too!

Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl

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  1. I bet those offended have not faced the horror of this disease. People, seriously, lighten up.Life is literally too short for many women..... Lynda, you rock! Love ya!