Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some of the people you meet along the way...

They always say that there is a reason that you meet certain people when you are on this earth! This is about a couple incredible ladies!
This is a picture of Kay Fleshman... I cannot say that I have met her face to face, but we have emailed (face book) and have chatted on the phone! She is a super nice person!
When I saw her picture of her PINK HAIR on Facebook, I dropped her a note to ask her if I could use her picture on my blog! This is the response that I got... "You may certainly use anything I have for any means of advertisement. Or for a friend that is struggling with breast cancer today. I figure that the reason God chose me for breast cancer and let me survive, is because I have a BIG mouth and will be a spokesperson for change! For now, just keep smiling and spreading the pink love!"
All I could do was smile... How many women could have such a good outlook as she has? With all the problems that she has been through for the last how many years?
I also have a friend named Deb S. I learned this year that on my birthday that she is a survivor of breast cancer for 9 years! I have known her for a few years now... she is also an awesome lady, she has been putting in her time & efforts to help us with this Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! Helping get donations, working with us & just being a great friend!
You may never know who has gone thru breast cancer, some women try to hide it, others are amazing & try to get the word out as much as possible, to get your mammograms yearly~ early detection is the only way to catch breast cancer before it spreads!
I think this makes it easier to work as many hours as we have on this Angel Ride to Save the TaTa's... To hear about these ladies stories, to see that they have fought a very hard battle and know that each and every day of their lives are very special to them and to everyone that knows them!
If you can, please try and make it to the ride on Saturday August 15th, 2009 at Community Pizza here in FD and it will end at Amigos also here in FD! We have some many wonderful donations, auction items and hoping for a wonderful day to meet new people! There will also be someone, after the ride, to be there to tell us how this money that we are raising has helped her thru her battle with breast cancer. It will be an awesome day to remember!
Hope to see you there... Safe travels~ Angel Ride girl

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