Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day after the ride...

Wow is all I can say about yesterday! The day started out with a few clouds, but at sign up for the Angel Ride, here came the rain! Not a little one, but much rain! We were so bummed that people wouldn't come... at 1st we had a couple bikers come to wish us well... they were on their way to another event in a different town... It was fun chatting with them tho! Always fun to meet new people!
Then all the sudden here come the people, a few at 1st then a whole bunch! WOW! 211 people total came to the ride! Even tho it was raining, they came! Bless their wet hearts! I told a few, "Breast Cancer doesn't take a day off for the rain" and they agreed! Then there were a few guys saying "Your going get wet....heehee" I looked at them and said see all these women in t-shirts... need I say more! They stopped teasing me & agreed that it wasn't all that bad! :)
I don't have my pictures uploaded yet. But I wanted to thank all of those people that came out in the rain to make this event an awesome one! ~ Oh the rain broke for the most part before noon... so it wasn't too bad on the road!
If it wasn't for them coming out in the rain to ride, We wouldn't have such a great event! I will let you all know later how much we made for the TRH Oncology!
This next Sat there is going to be a golf outing to make money for the Susan G Breast Cancer fund! My hubby & I will help them out for awhile, as they came out to help us! It is good to help others, as there maybe a time that you want someone to help you out...kinda like paying it forward!
I would also like to thanks all the ones that helped us out when things were getting hectic with the auction & selling shirts! People jumped in to help us... we were not expecting that! There were so many wonderful people there! Thanks! ^j^
Take Care~ And safe travels~ Angel Ride Girl

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