Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where is the summer gone?

I know I have been very bad at writing the blog this year, after the ride, I needed a break so went on vacation for a week, and you know something... close your eyes for a moment & the summer is almost over... Put the brakes on, back up a moment... not ready for the fall & winter yet! I do want to thank all of those that helped on the Angel Ride, rode it, donated items for it, worked it, bought items to support it, well just everyone that support our cause! I can't believe the turn out we had... 505 riders plus! There were people from the towns that came out to support us in the towns we rode thru... Met some more amazing people this year! Hope to stay in touch with them down the rode! All the stops we had are awesome & I would tell people to stop there any time! Friendly & have even been asked to bring the TaTa ride back through any time! Anyone knows that putting together an event especially as big as ours is, it is not the easiest thing to do, unless you have good helpers to back you up! Not everyone could help all the time, but they came out when the time was right! I will get back on here with pictures when I can... My cameras battery went out, so had to borrow my best friends camera, so now need to get those from her! Thanks again for following me, I will try (I said try) to be better at this! Take Care & Ride Safe! Angel Ride Girl

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