Thursday, August 11, 2011

Take 5 To Stay Alive!

Wow it is almost 2 weeks past the ride... and we are still in amazement of the awesome turn out! 570+ people signed up for the ride, oh and not to mention the others that just came out to have fun before & afterwards! WOW
July 29th was a busy night at Amigos party to the music of Hell or High Water! 120+ signed up at our pre-registration! Many shirts & Angel Ride items were sold that night, the 50/50 ticket money pay out was $300+! Had great weather, good people... what else can anyone ask for! Good friends to help out when I was going crazy! Yup that was a big plus! Didn't know this was going to be as crazy as it was!
July 30 started at Amigos with an awesome omelet breakfast! More & more people that came to sign up! I glanced at the sign up sheets, and there was some from TX there, and a couple from FL that this is their 2nd time on the ride! Said they will be back next year!! Yippie! We had 400 sign up papers, and well had to go get more... we didn't know what to expect as there were other events going on around the area... Just never know! :) The weather was a bit warm, but awesome to ride! We even had my sister in law & brother in law there to ride, plus a couple of our friends, all of them rode from 2 hours away rode with us, then rode home that night! That is so cool that they rode all that way to do the ride for just the day!
The businesses, Marv's Grill & Bar in Gowrie were all ready for all these riders to come thru there! Smiles on their faces proved all was going well! Boxholm was a smaller bar,but Kris' Korner, was an awesome stop to make... when planning these rides, I want to get some of these places that no one would of ever thought about stopping at,in hopes that they will tell their friends, "This is a place you gotta check out..." Then down to Toby K's in Boone, they were serving up BBQ pork sandwiches, and also burgers! Could smell the grill as we were pulling up there! Then we started to head north to Rungo's in Stratford! What a friendly place to stop! Dan the owner is a super nice guy! And his staff Brenda & Josh are so much fun! I would highly recommend this place as a stop any time! There was also another ride that was going to a few of the same stops as we did... "BIKERS FOR BOOBS" they had some nice people on their run too! Bought a shirt from them when we stopped at Riverside Tap in Lehigh! Kelly was having loads of fun wearing her bra that she bought from our Bras for the Cause bras! "Naughty & Nice" Having 2 rides come thru there was keeping Kelly & her staff hopping!
We all rolled back into Ft Dodge, last stop was Community Tap! Everything was setup and ready to sell! We had silent & live auction items! Thanks to Keith for helping us out! Music being played by Rusty! Let the fun begin! There was so much going on that the whole night was a blur! Can't believe that the whole day went so well... So many shirts, bandannas, koozies, bracelets & rings sold! We had approx 20 shirts left over! Everything went so well!
IF you are waiting for a total of money that was made... lets just say... we will let everyone know in Oct when we turn over the money on Breast Cancer awareness month to Rae Anne at the oncology dept at TRMC here in Ft Dodge! But I will give you a slight hint... we beat last years total! I will also say that there is more shirt orders being placed, and more donations coming in, so the counting is far from being over! Woot Woot!!
I want to thank the Angel Ride staff, they came in and helped out when we needed them the most! Also thanks to all the extra helpers that came in to help either in the morning or afternoon or all day! We couldn't of done this without every ones help! A HUGE thank you to 3 Eagles Communications They promoted us all along! Then on Mon after the ride, Mike D sent me a note if I could be in there at 7:30am on Tues to chat on the radio, I sent him a note and said nope, I could do 6am! Well there I was at the radio station at 6am in the morning... I think my mommy was the only one that was awake to listen to me talk with Mike! lol! Loved making new friends there! They were so awesome to us!
I will leave you with this for thought, our theme this year was "Take 5 To Stay Alive" as it was our 5th year! And we want to remind everyone that it takes 5 mins to do a self exam, 5 mins to do a mammogram, and 5 mins to make a call to schedule any appointments to get a checkup! Take 5 (mins) to Stay Alive, EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES!

~~Live life to the fullest, as you never know what tomorrow will bring us~~
~~Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl~~

ps: the jar full of pennies (picture at the top) was donated to the cause by our friends Tim & Julie, with the challenge that people needed to guess the amount of pennies in the jar! Well we had some great guessers, and some that didn't know... there was over $300.00 in there! Thanks Tim & Julie for the donation!

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