Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family, Friends, and the people you meet along the way!

Last night my friend Laura came out to take pictures of my family on our bikes as my oldest son will be soon going back to college in VT... Having 3 older sons that are bigger than me, plus a husband that hates to have his picture taken, along with 4 bikes, Laura had her hands full needless to say! Trying to whip those guys into shape to behave to take pictures is a tough job! A job only a mother wants done! haha But I am so thankful for Laura to have come out to do it for us, taking time outta her busy life to do this for us! I told someone tonight, I wanted to get the pictures taken as you never know what tomorrow will bring! Hard to think about some days, but something that we do need to think about!

Each day I am asked by a family member, a neighbor, friends or someone on facebook that I haven't met yet, "How did the ride go? How many riders were there?? How much did you raise???" or "WE HAD SO MUCH FUN, Can't wait until nest year!!" It is so amazing how many people that knows about the Angel Ride, not only our families that have put up with things not getting done around the house, or laundry backed up. Or forgetting about an appointment, hanging out with a friend... many things!
The people that we are just meeting! Ones that have gone thru Breast Cancer, that have come up to us and said, "With the money you have raised, you helped me with..." You just want to hug each and everyone of them! I have told some people, when they talk about HERO'S, these people that are fighting each day because of their Breast Cancer, or any other cancer, they are the real heros because they fight a long and hard battle, that I know I would have troubles fighting. You think a bad day at work is one thing, hurting each day would be worse. I, myself have bad days, and wonder to myself wow can it be worse? Then you think of others, ones that we are trying to help to make a small part of their life go better! If everyone tried to make some ones day a little better, they would feel so much better, and I do think that the word would & could be a better place, if only... we tried!

I do got to say tho, the people from the bars that we had stops in to the ones we have met on rides (and from other benefit rides too)you make wonderful friends along the way! Even thru facebook, I have met some amazing people that follow us on there about the Angel Ride, to ones that are following us because of Breast Cancer! I had one gal that lives in Nevada, IA that I haven't meet as of yet, but have emailed, talked on the phone, and are friends on facebook, she has gone thru breast cancer and had hit many bumps in the road of life, but I enjoy seeing what she posts on facebook! Also a gal in Iowa City area, that her group got together and bought allot of shirts from us, the Chrome Divas, in hopes to meeting up with them someday too!

These people that we meet where ever we go in life, they have put a print (like a finger print on glass) in our lives, in our hearts and in our memories! We might forget their names (or can't place a name to their face!)but they are there with us daily! I know I have met so many people this year, and plan on meeting many more in years to come!
I want to thank all those people that have come into my life for one reason or another, you have touched my life in ways that are hard to express! Family members, friends, old school mates, daycare families, to new people along the way! You all have touched my life in one way or another! If ever person in the world would reach out to meet one new person a day, to be kind to a person, to just say HI to someone you pass on the street, just think of all the smiles there could be!

Just remember, life is what you make of it, there are going to be days that you are so excited about and want that day to never end, to those days that you wonder, why am I still even here, no one cares if I am here or not... Each day you need to get up, put your boots on one foot at a time, and go out into the world and show that life does matter, as there are so many people out there fighting cancer that pray for another day...

~~ For now Take Care ~~
~~~Ride Safe~~~
<3 Angel Ride Girl <3

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