Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time out to Help Others!

When Luann asked me if we could help out with the Susan G Komen golf outing, there was only one answer we could give her. Yes! As Luann and some of her gals helped us at our Angel Ride event! Our Angel committee donated a couple baskets! I etched on some beer glasses, a tray plus a few goodies to make a simple basket up!
August 20, 2011 was the Rally for a Cure golf outing at Willow Ridge golf coarse in Ft Dodge! I am not a golfer, but like to be outside and helping others! It was an awesome day to be out too, not too hot, and a cool breeze! Just a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!
My husband Rob & I worked hole 5 selling 50/50 tickets & chances for a case of wine! Kinda missed the morning round as they were sell Mimosa to the golfers! The golfers are always so nice at these benefit golfing! Plus we get to see many of our friends there too!
They had a silent auction with many awesome things to look at! As I went around looking at the things on the table there is always ones that you bump into that are wanting the same thing as you want... I did get a couple nice things... and as I was waiting for the girls to pull together the paperwork from the silent auction so we could pay and go home to spend the rest of the evening with our sons. They drew for the 50/50 tickets! And as I stood there, my name was called! I had to stand there a moment as I wasn't sure if that was the name I heard or not. Rob was the one that said we needed to buy some 50/50 tickets, and it was my name that was called! We got a 6 pack cooler with it too! So I went up to get the cooler & money, Glenda said the money was in top of the cooler, I unzipped it and let her take the money out of it for the cause! It is all about the cause! And my husbands words rang in my head, you won't miss it if you never had it! It was the right thing to do to hand the money back over to the cause!
For a closing thought... when you think that you are too busy to help others, just remember if you were ever down on your luck wouldn't you want others to be there for you? With handing over the 50/50 money, sure I could of bought somethings for my family or me, but in the long run, I am hoping that the money will help find a cure for the breast cancer!
Take Care- Ride Safe
~~~ Angel Ride Girl~~~

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