Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stories that want you keep you motivated!

You know when someone tells me a story of how Breast Cancer has touched their lives, it brings tears to my eyes! It is amazing how not even knowing some of these people that are going through the treatments, that you can almost feel their stories deep inside you!
Yesterday when a gal came to my house to pickup a shirt for someone she knew. She told me that the Angel Ride was a really good ride to be on! And shortly afterwards her best friend found out that she had breast cancer...
As I listened to her talk about her friend, with her hair falling out, her friend wanted her to shave her head, easier than watching it fall out piece by piece... Now this is something that you hear about, but I know I haven't really put much thought into hair loss, I know that our funds we have made helps to buy wigs! But... to ask your friend to shave your head! But that is what friends are for to be there through it all, I know my best friends would love to shave my head! :) She said that it was hard at 1st, but then they played around and had some fun with it, mo-hawked it, and had some laughs while cutting it. Tears also! She was going to have pink added to her hair to show support for her friend! I told her of the pink feathers, and pink clip ins that she could use to add to her hair!
Look into the mirror and think of your self with your hair all fixed up nicely & then think about it again, all gone, bald as the day you were born! These people that go through cancer (any kind of cancer)loose their hair because of treatments... I think myself I would shave it off too, as it would be so depressing to watch it fall to the ground. There is so many things that one can do, wigs, scarves, tattoos, each person does what ever is best for themselves!
This gal also told me that her friend is benefiting from the funds we raise, they got her a wig, and the support group is amazing, along with the gift bags that they are given when going through treatment! She said she never thought much about why she went on these rides, but she now knows 1st hand now!
I was really truly amazed as this gal told me of the meals she was cooking for her friend to make sure she was eating, as she is sick while doing her treatment. She said it is nothing to make an extra potato, or a little extra of what ever she was making for her family. Doing something so small can mean allot to someone in need!
When you are on your bike (or in your car) think about these benefit rides that they are doing for people, all the good that it is helping others! These golf outings, walks, whatever is going on in your community, think of who it is helping, as you never know someday it may come back around to help you!
~~ Angel Ride Girl ~~

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