Thursday, July 28, 2011

Donations are coming in! WOW!

You know when doing a benefit of any kind it is so hard to go asking for donations, as with the world the way it is, many can't afford to give donations... We have been so blessed to have people to give us so many beautiful donations! When you step back and look at them it almost brings tears to your eyes!
This year we have had a great turn out for homemade donations! You know that these people worked hard at making whatever they have donated to us! The quilts take so many hours of work (one day I hope to make one!) The quilt at the top of this page is going to be a memory quilt as the lady that donated it, her sister died of breast cancer at the age of 26 yr (Im thinking)

This rocking motorcycle was donated by a friend of ours! He had made these for his grand kids, and when he was asked to make one for us, hey no problem! It is a heavy duty one and will make a little ones day to be able to ride a cycle just like everyone else!

This barn quilt is a 4x4 wooden quilt to go on the side of a barn, garage,fence! This to was made by a friend of ours! Her husband made the rocking cycle! She had made a barn quilt for someone else, and called me to see if I wanted her to make one for our benefit! And of coarse it turned out way awesome!

This wooden wall clock was donated by a guy that we met in Boxholm! :) He called me when we were at the lakes a couple weeks ago, asking if I remember him... he told me that he wasn't able to ride his motor cycle on the ride as he is having back problems, but he would be there in his truck! Then he said "I made something for your event, and hope that you will like it! It's a tree clock!" This is the 1st one he ever made, and at that call, said that he had made 3-4 more as people wanted them! He said he had hoped that it would bring some money for the event!

This quilt is beautiful done! I know each design has a meaning... not being a quilter, I don't know what they are, the cross pattern is so eye catching! I am sure it will make someone feel all warm and comfortable this winter!

There are so many other donations that are truly amazing, these are just a few! I hope that it sparks an interest to have people come to the Angel Ride this weekend to bid on items that we have!
Oh and for those that like Longaberger baskets, yes there are some of those in the auction items too! Not sure of how many, but these baskets have beautiful gifts in them!!

We will have some silent auctions on Friday night at Amigos! 50/50 drawings with the money paid out that night! Pre-registration! The band HELL OR HIGH WATER is playing! Come on down for much fun & activities! To get this event rolling!

Then on Saturday come back down to Amigo's for sign up 9-11am! They will be serving a $5 breakfast! Take off on the ride, then head back to Community Tap at 5pm. We want everyone back by 5pm so that we can get everyone checked in and start the live auction, along with getting the silent auctions finished up! Providing the weather being good, the silent auction will be out for display most of the day at Community! If you can't make it on the ride, stop down there to check out our auction items!

Thanks so much for your past support, present support and hopefully your future support! With out you we can't make this a big success!

Take Care~ Ride Safe~~ Angel Ride Girl

PS: If you get to the Angel Ride event this weekend... stop by to say HI to me!

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