Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life... do we really know the out come?

Ok I know this blog was start to keep everyone "abreast" of our motor cycle ride to raise funds for local breast cancer patients... But tonight I am going another way... off the beaten path, so to speak... These last couple weeks have been hard at times... Just found out that my aunt has been very sick, then this week to find out she has cancer of the liver. Tonight I went to see her in hospices, knowing that it would be the very last time I would see her alive was so hard. Her body was there, but her spit fire spirit was not. Being a small framed women with a southern accent, good cook & a great person inside & out! I know she will be missed by so many people when she leaves this world. As I listened to her daughters talk, my aunt had breast cancer years ago. Not many knew about it, or lets say I didn't know about it until a year or so ago. One wonders if the breast cancer that started years ago, was this the reason that she is suffering now too? Even tho that it is in another part of her body, some say it can be still classified as breast cancer. She went through treatments and you would think that everything was good, but as I watched her lay there, I wanted so much to ask why, why is this happening? It makes no sense at all to me, why one person that is so good has to suffer so much, AND why there are criminals out there that take other people lives that live a healthy life? I don't think we will every know the answer to these questions, or the fact that this should of been caught faster than it was. Then when I hear how some people think that they are so "holy-er" than others, judging people by what they wear for clothes, what they drive, or the piercing or tattoos that they have. Is it the fact of all these things? Or should it be what is inside a person? I have tattoos, and hope that no one judges me by them, some can be seen if I want them to be seen, other wise no one notices them. I look at it as art, not "oh a dirty person..." My thought for tonight as I finish my "standing on my soap box", is please be kind to others, as you don't know what they are going through, they can be smiling on the outside, but inside crying. No one knows what the out come of life will bring us, just Thank God that you wake up every day and pray when you go to sleep that you will awake in the morning to another glorious day (even tho the weather maybe bad, or work sucks) it is another day to be alive! This is another reason that early detection can save lives, and keep getting checked. If you know something isn't right inside & doctors are not giving you the answers you think you need it is your given right to get a second option! Please get your checkups & Be safe out there~ ~~ Angel Ride Girl~~

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