Saturday, May 19, 2012

As the Memorial Day is coming up so fast, its hard to believe that summer is just around the bend! This year so far the weather has been overly nice! Having the windows open & listening to the birds wake you up in the morning is so nice!! Also hearing the sounds of motorcycles off in the distances makes you want to be out on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair! I am also hoping that everyone is safe while they ride or drive. Heard on the radio the other day if a motorcycle is a less then a block away from you that if you hold up a pencil that it will block out the bike from your sight. Doesn't make any sense, but it is true! The other day a 75 year old man was killed on his bike when a car hit him from behind. What a horrible thing to happen. So sad for the family. You hear of many accidents on bikes, and it is sad that it has to happen and you wonder why too. I know from where I live I see kids (of all ages) racing up and down our high way, at high rates of speed, and have witness some pulling wheelies as they are going at these high rate of speed.I pray that no one pulls out and hits them, or that they don't hit loose gravel as they would not be able to have any control of their bike. You may ask why am I so down tonight... well next weekend is the JJ Bonnell Memorial Ride... It'll be our 1st poker run of the year of many! Last year there were so many cycle accidents on, during, and after these rides. I am just hoping that everyone watches out when they go on these rides, whether it be the cars or other cycles! Now on a note about the Angel Ride! We are getting our shirts in! The colors of the shirts are sapphire blue & black! We got hoodies too! The strappies will be coming in soon! We are selling them at Party Productions and will get some into Community Tap here in Ft Dodge! The shirts are pretty neat this year! I am still seeing the years prior shirts too & it is awesome seeing people wear them! I know I have one of each year since it started! And love wearing them! So when you get your shirts, don't just wear them on the ride, WEAR THEM WITH PRIDE! Thanks for following me on my blog. I hope to write more as it gets closer! Take Care~ Ride Safe~ Angel Ride Girl

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