Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The path for the Aug 15th 2009 ride!

We are getting close to the count down for the Angel Ride to Save the TaTas! The ride will be held on August 15th, 2009!
This is not only for bikers, we are calling on anyone that wants to have fun! To have fun while raising money for a good cause! The cause is... helping local breast cancer patients with uninsured cost, such as wigs, scarfs, gas money to go to their doctors appointments and more!
On the morning of Saturday Aug 15th we will meet everyone at Community Tap (Ft Dodge, IA) at 9:00 am for registration! And hope to have the last ones on the road by 11:00 am.
There is a $10 a person fee,(100% of the money goes to the cause!) There will also be silent & live auctions that you will be able to see some of items at registration, but mainly after the ride! There will also be 50/50 chances at each stop too! More things are being planned!
The ride that we are planning should be a fun one! Different than other rides that we have been on, we are heading south & west! New places & new people to meet along the way!
We will start at Community Tap in Ft Dodge, take off and ride to Tony's in Farnhamville, then head off to Heroe's Bar & Grill in Lanesboro. From there we head on down south to Carroll's Harley Davidson shop! As we start to head back towards Ft Dodge, we stop at Shotz Bar in Auburn, then onto Lynch's in Rockwell City, there we stop at Jud's in Knierim. After that we head on back to Amigo's in Ft Dodge, where we all check back in & check out all the prizes that will be there plus more fun!
We have rode this ride a couple times, and these business are more than happy to welcome all the new people into their establishments! Such friendly people that we meet as we ride the roads to new places we have never been before! Sometimes it is well worth stopping in these towns that look like there is no one living there, because those are the places that make you feel like you're home!
We will be selling T-shirts, tank tops & bandannas the day of the ride! We have also been going to Bike Night at Amigo's here in Ft Dodge (on Wed) to sell the shirts prior to the ride! So if you are interested in a shirt(s) stop down to Amigo's Wed nights, or we will have them the day of the ride!
Oh! Something new we will be selling this year calendars! They will be 12 month calendars that local guys have taken their pictures for this calendar! It is going to be an awesome calendar for the cause! Will have more on that as time gets closer!
Keep checking back as I will be adding more things as time goes on! I hope to get to meet most of you that day! This event is something that is well worth heading to, it helps people that could be your family, neighbor, teachers or friends! Maybe you know someone that is fighting breast cancer, that is a great reason to join us that day!
For us that have been working on this event, at the end of the night of Aug 15th, seeing everyone that has shown up to this cause, it will fill our hearts with joy and usually our eyes with tears! Knowing that there is people out there that care about others! For people that they don't know, for people that they do know or ones that they have loved & passed on...Breast cancer hits many women & some men, we want to help as many people as we can, please come help us on Aug 15th, 2009!
~Thanks~ Angel Ride Girl

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