Thursday, July 16, 2009

Donations for Aug 15th 2009 event!

You know it is getting time to get ready for the ANGEL RIDE TO SAVE THE TATA's! Aug 15th is just around the corner! This is our 3rd year for this event! Hope to meet a lot of you there...
This is a wonderful cause to help allot of people that we don't know, or it could be the person next to us... the end result is whats most important... to help those in need with uninsured expenses!!
Even tho we all are hitting on tough times, it is so amazing of the donations that we are getting in for this years ride! It seems breast cancer has touched everyone life in ways that we will never understand... I know I have met allot of new people this year that either they have had breast cancer or someone that they loved has died from it. Some in person & some through emails (and waiting to meet)...
This email is to show you some of the things that people have donated for the TaTa run on Aug 15th 2009! There is a set of woman & man's chaps & leather coat! 2 woman's leather vests & 2 helmets! 2 Adirondack Chairs, Harley shirts, clock & plaque! Along with breast cancer blankets, pillows, rugs & fishing pole! There is going to be a couple footballs signed and there is a special breast cancer guitar being made!! This is just a start!
SAVE THE DATE! August 15th, 2009! Hope to see you there! If you can't make it, tell your friends about it, we want this event to be one to look back with & smile, knowing how many people we have helped!

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