Friday, June 10, 2011

Having Angel Fun!

June 4th was a fun day for the Angel Ride girls! We joined in the Frontiers Day parade here in Fort Dodge! The weather was awesome! Had plenty of girls show up to help out! And even kids and a dog with us! Sally brought her Vet, Cathy her Mustang! Laura, Tammy & Dale rode their bikes! Some rode in the cars, walked, and the kids rode their little battery Gator! Throwing candy to the kids! Handing out temporary tats to people was so much fun! Wish every day was parade day! I even showed kids along the route, how it rains candy! They loved it, as I did too!
On the parade route got to talk on the radio station with Mike D. & Jerry S. they wanted a Dudes for Boobs shirts, didn't have them with us, but delivered them later! Also towards the end of the parade was Duane M from the radio station, along as a good friend! He loved how the Angel came around the corner, and yes we let all the judges know that we were in full support for the Save the TaTas!! :)
On Tues Cathy & I went to the radio station to take the DJ's their shirts! Mike put us on the radio! A little scary but fun! Also Brett taped us for a later broadcast! They are all so nice to us, sold a couple shirts! And also found out that Von keeps up with my blog! I was surprised as I didn't know that anyone read these! Thanks so much Von you made my day!
After leaving the radio station Cathy & I went on a road trip to get donations! People have been so nice to us giving us donation! We even have one of our Angels that sent out sheets to have business donate! The sheets are starting to come in! It is amazing on what people will do or give to this cause! Whether they know someone that has gone thru breast cancer, are going thru it themselves, or anyone that has cancer at all! The big "C" word effects so many people!
This coming week, hopes to keep us all busy! There will be one bike night in Webster City at the Grid Iron, then on Friday Sally at the Community is putting together a garage sale to help us earn money! She has people wanting to donate items they no longer need, and well, it is time to clean out those unwanted items! It should be a fun afternoon! Then that night she has a band coming in to play! The Angels will be on hand to sell t-shirts, 50/50 tickets (for that night) there is a raffle for a pink rocking horse! So many fun things that will be going on!
Stay tuned for more Angel Ride fun yet to come!
Ride Safe, be Happy & TATA for now!!

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